Best Pomade For Thin Hair

Best Pomade For Thin HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Thin Hair? You’ve come to the right place

air looking good if you’ve got fine or thinning hair in order to help you find something that works for you I’m going over my five best hair styling products for guys who’ve got other fine hair or thinning hair I see so many

Best Pomade For Thin Hair

guys confused about how to tackle their hair because they’ve seen these massive hairstyles all over different social medias even here on YouTube and they’ve tried to apply the techniques recommend it there and they’re just not .

working some products are suited to this amazing naturally thick hair but there are other products that you can achieve similar results with if you’ve got fine or thinning hair as well as making general recommendations on the .

types of products that you should be using I’m also going to leave specific examples in this video and also in the description box below so you can check them out for yourself the first thing on this list really is you’ve got to have .

the correct tools now if you’re a guy who’s got fine or thinning hair it’ll probably be laying flat and straight down on your forehead and before I use any of the products in this video this is exactly what my hair looks like it looks .

limp lifeless dead there are two real tools that I’d recommend here the first one being one that I’ve recommended in videos before if you’ve seen them and that is a multi speed multi temperature hair dryer if you’re a guy with .

final thin hair and you’re not using one of these then your has going to be limp and lifeless forever the reason I like to choose the ones with the multiple controls on it so that you can get a really high speed for only a medium .

temperature so it doesn’t damage the hair follicles we’ve still got a temperature in there to activate the products that I’m going to be talking about in a moment and also you’ve got the speed I mean this stuff isn’t gonna blow .

your hair out of the roots what it will do is blow as much air as possible between the hair follicles causing them to stand on end and if you’re a guy with limp and lifeless hair that’s exactly what you should be looking for and it’s .

part of number one in this list through the tool that I’d recommend is one of these round brushes now there are seemingly thousands of different brushes out there you can use for your hair and why would I recommend this .

over a traditional comb well you’ve got more power to manipulate your hair all you can really do is just push your hair backwards or to one of the sides there’s no way of grabbing the hair whereas with a round brush just like this .

one from uppercut deluxe especially the ones with the little red ball things on the end you can easily twist and grab sections of the hair and in conjunction with the hair dryer this is gonna allow you to take sections of the hair .

rotate them and then pull them upwards this can give you lots of lift and volume in your hair really easily and why do I recommend this specific one from uppercut well it’s because it’s one of the only ones I’ve ever found that .

doesn’t rip the hairs out of the root without the brushes this technique is just gonna leave you with tons and tons of hair left on the brush that you’ve ripped out this one seems to have some sort of metal mechanism inside I don’t. 

know that effects it but it certainly performs the best out of any of the brushes that I’ve tried ok then number two on this list let’s get onto some stuff that you can actually put in your hair if you want your hair dryer to perform at. 

its maximum you’re gonna need to use a pre styler with it this is a product that you put into your wet hair before using a hair dryer and then in conjunction with it you can create much more volume than without and also many .

of these products act to protect your hair from any of the heat coming from these there are loads of different types of pre sylars around now but there are two specific types that I would recommend and that is volume mousse and. 

thickening tonic the volume mousse is great for hair styles the way you want a lot of highs and volume because .

these products are so light they’re excellent at doing this but if you want your hair to sort of feel as thick as .

possible then you can also go for thickening tonics these two are two of my personal favorites that I use all the time I’d be really surprised by this well a shock waves mousse which performs exceptionally well in terms of .

volume doesn’t leave your hair feeling crispy and also it comes with built-in heat protection as well and of course it’s extremely affordable and the label I’m thickening tonic smells great performs really well still gives you a bit of volume as well as the thickening effect I would highly recommend both of these specific ones but whichever one of. 

these you use apply it to your wet hair then use the hairdryer under brush in combination and you’re going to be left with an amazing voluminous hair style but this isn’t gonna be a hairstyle it’s going to stay in place for very .

long if you’re not careful you’re gonna need some sorts of styling products in order to help you get the shape that you want in your hair now number three on this list is definitely an optional one this is for those of you who are .

struggling to manipulate your hair all you’ve got particularly thin or fine hair and are struggling to find any density in there and that is a powder styler just like this one from forge this is really the ultimate way of getting .

your hair to feel as thick as possible you’ll only need a tiny amount of this stuff if you use too much your hair’s gonna feel a little clumpy but it can make a big difference in making your hair easier to manipulate and control the. 

fourth hair styling product that you’re gonna want to look for if you’ve got fine or thin hair is a matte finish lightweight hair product this is really going to be your main stylist so whether you’ve used the powder or not .

you’re gonna want to use one of these if you’re someone who’s got fine or thinning hair then a matte finish is almost essential I’ve used many high shine products before on my hair even a few times on this channel and it .

looks terrible in my hair because it makes my hair look even thinner and finer than it already is you can see right down to the roots you can see through to the scalp it’s a nightmare how shine products can look great if you’re a .

guy who’s got incredibly thick and coarse hair but if you’re not then you’ll want to stick to something that’s matte finish using a product with as low as shine as possible it’s gonna make your hair look as thick as possible you want. 

as likely to see straight through to the scalp and I think it just looks more natural it looks like you’re putting in less of an effort you’re not coating your hair with product and also you’ll want a product that is lightweight this is .

going to allow you to build as much volume in your hair as possible and to keep it there if you’re using a heavy home product it’s really gonna make your hair look thin you’re not gonna be able to build much volume as a result. 

of this I generally avoid products like Clay’s even though they are probably the most popular type of men’s hair product they do tend to weigh the hair down something lighter and a bit more creamy like a or a paste it’s usually .

gonna do a better job now I’ve got some awesome suggestions here for a range of budget if you’re after a then I probably go for one of these too now the fish vodka hold is one of the best ones that you’ll find on the high streets .

for a really low price if you use this properly this is going to give you the best hold and best finish for the price point and also my current go-to product the wax I would still probably classify as a putty similar to the fish some .

home product it is quite sticky but that allows you to get lots of grip in your hair to keep it in position this one is more expensive but you get loads and loads of products for the money and you barely have to use any at a time if .

you want to see my full video review on this product then you can see it in the card above at the moment I’ll also try to leave it on the end screen as well probably the best product that I’ve ever used for my hair and that’s what .

I’m using right now actually in terms of pace I’ve got another two favorites here too in terms of high street products the vo5 matte face that comes in the toothpaste like tube is one of the best ones to go for good hold matte. 

finish adds a bit of texture to the hair looks great but another alternative that i haven’t really mentioned much on the channel before is the Osmo fiber sculpt this is one that you can get incredibly easily online or at least you come. 

here in the UK anyway and it performs very very well this is probably one of my top 5 favorite products alongside leader box it’s very affordable very lightweight smells amazing as well it just does what it says on the top and it .

works the only type of clay that I would really recommend if you’ve got this sort of hair type is the Blue Man .

hybrid cream color which performs very similarly to a paste and coming in on number 5 on this list for the best hair products for guys with fine or thinning hair is going to be an absolutely solid hair spray even though some of these products have got beastly hold often if you’ve got this hair type it’s still not enough your hair may potentially be drooping at lunchtime it’s just a hassle you shouldn’t have to deal with and as a result again I’d recommend .

trying some hair sprays out my personal favorites still at the moment the one I think is the best for a man is the Johnny’s Chop Shop fix hair spray apply a light coating of this at the start of the day and you’ll be sorted until you. 

come home and unlike some of the other hair products it’s not going to give your hair loads of shine it won’t your .hair look greasy but it still performs fantastically well it’s also for a silent quality product not expensive it’s also I will leave a link to this as well as all the products I’ve mentioned or alternatives if you’re from abroad in the description below I really hope you found this video both enjoyable and useful I have tried literally hundreds of .

hundreds of different products in the quest to find something that actually works with fine and thinning hair and these are the best ones these the ones I definitely recommend to you my question to you is what hair styling .

product are you currently using let me know in the comment section down below and I’d really appreciate it if you help to support the channel make sure you press the like button and if you want to see similar tips just like this on how to style your hair and what to wear make sure you press the subscribe button and then press the bell icon next to it as.