Best Pomade For Wavy Hair

Best Pomade For Wavy HairLooking for the Best Pomade For Wavy Hair? You’ve come to the right place

what’s up guys stink up some of my youtube channel this week so we’re going to talk about today is a pomade specifically a pomade by star wax not really too big on pomades but I decided I needed use upon me so I got this

Best Pomade For Wavy Hair

thorax crystal pomade by star wax company or star wax Pro line made for professionals I don’t know this blue jar made by Starbucks premium pommy I got the crystal version which has a maximum hold a shiny finish and it’s .

easy to rinse out I’ve used this product only one time so based on that one time I’m going to give you guys my feedback and also we’re going to go into a nice little hairstyle with this maybe a comb-over a pompadour .

something cool and clean obviously Tommy this big-ass jar so let me go ahead and get my hair damp so we can start this little process let’s go this big old jar right here it contains the pomade my style wax and if you open it up it’s blue inside like like ocean blue I guess and it smells like your grandpa hair product so I guess that’s a good .

thing you want some static smelling go ahead this right it smells like barber shops classic smell not that not overwhelming very scented so so now my hair damp kind of ready to move forward let’s go some corner yeah so there you guys have it this is the style that I’m going what do we do enjoy playing with this pomade it’s pretty definitely lives up to the description that it provides on the box on the packaging on the jar it does have a really .

strong hold and it also has a nice shiny finish to it the only think the first time I applied this to my hair and I wore throughout the entire day this shine did wear off so it’s only shiny for maybe like one or three hours first which .

was fine with me what’s really important for me and upon me that has a really strong hold is actually hold my hair and do what it says so my hair is really wavy and thick as you guys saw prior to me applying water to my hair it was just really like dry and wavy a little pushy but does a really good job taming the waves and the curl that I have. 

in my hair and it definitely is a plus for me as well the only thing I probably don’t like about this product is the scent it’s not overwhelming like I said but I just I’m pretty picky with scent and I just really would like it if it was .

just a little bit tones sound like that’s just all aesthetics I guess and this product definitely does what it says which is always good and you know that you’re buying a product that does what it really needs to do so definitely give it a. 

thumbs up but this product when I first applied also if that’s easier to rinse which is one of the I guess selling points for this product and that selling point is true as well it does rinse off really easily even and after applying it .

it kind of leaves your hands really soft and smooth but it’s not sticky I hate when I have a product and my hands are really sticky and I open the door to the bathroom or something like that and that just leave residue all over the. 

doorknob gross so this product is pretty cool I was pretty surprised by a there’s really nothing bad to say about this product it definitely does this job and yeah I definitely use it again for sure so if you guys are looking for a nice. 

pomade with the strong hold and a slightly medium finish well as very easy to rinse out definitely go for it it’s good if you’re going for a nice pompadour like I am going for because I know that my hair is not going to get messed up. 

sometimes you do need a nice and clean hairstyle to go out and you don’t really want it to mess up in 10-15 minutes and wait there usually tends to do that just so yeah guys I really enjoyed this product I hope you guys .

enjoyed this video definitely give this star wax product to thumbs up and aside from the Santa Monica’s good like I said that’s all aesthetics nothing that takes away from the product and what it’s meant to do so I definitely enjoy .

this product for that reason and yet two thumbs up James of curls James waves good in my book so I hope you .

guys enjoyed this video let me know if you guys want me to try out any other pomades from any other brands just. 

comment down below and I’ll try to get my hands on it and also if you guys want me to do any other kind of hair styles using pomades let me know as well so I hope you guys enjoy this video I entertain you guys this week don’t .

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