Best Pomade For Women

Best Pomade For WomenLooking for the Best Pomade For Women? You’ve come to the right place

one of my favorite hair products is this healthy sexy hair soy paste it’s a 4 shine and a 6 hold it’s a texturizing paste and as you can see I’ve used a lot of it so um it doesn’t have much of a scent so I’ll just feel like that much and the

Best Pomade For Women

palm of my hands I like to rub my hands together and it’s not like it’s not sticky it’s more wax feely then sticky this is not gonna give you a super hold it says it’s a 6 hold which is pretty flexible you can still run your fingers do it .

and it’s not gonna have that I’ve seen a product in my hair type of feel that’s why I like it so you can use this like in your hair for separation like you know how you can do like PC things you can use this like a lot as I take a chunk .

and then it like separate and separate so so that’s one there are two products that I like by bumble and bumble it’s one of them this called semis Simo and the other one is sumo tech so we’ll talk about the sumo tech I use this one quiet often anybody swish between this one and the sexy hair one back and forth just not because I .

like one more than the other it’s just that you know sometimes you just want to use different products this one smells like it smells manly I don’t know I wouldn’t mind my boyfriend’s hair smelling like this I don’t have one but. 

if I did I’m gonna mind his hair smelling like this house I get stickier texture so you can’t really when you put it in your hair you can’t really touch your hair anymore so it’s just like style it’s really good for styling but you can’t run. 

your fingers through your hair so if you want more touchable feel I would stick to the sexy hair paste but this one is really good too and then this one has no shine so it’s a matte or flexible little shine cold it’s not like a super .

strong hold it’s really flexible but you can’t really run your fingers through and you feel that there’s product in there don’t wipe your hands down here and the next one that it’s also by bumble and bumble it’s semi sumo and .

this is for this is a shiny product this does not give you much hold I use this when I want to do like a slick like flat hair and I want to shiny to kinda have like the wet just right out of the shower look one downfall of this product it .

does not smell the greatest so don’t tell me I didn’t tell you it almost feels and looks like Vaseline that doesn’t smell so it’s like really I think easy I don’t know can you see it’s shiny and see not sticky but just tiny and like .

glossy shiny like it’ll be very flexible hold kind of like you know your hair is breezy and you want to wear it like this or you want to give it the wet look this is what you use I have been trying to shop for a product that gives your hair. 

the wet look and this is the only one I found it’s a high shine low pretty pretty good stuff that’s there’s another one that I use quite often it’s the one might enjoy sculpt it’s a soft flexible hold this is like really creamy it smells good .

clean really good I like it so this one one is when you want to do like a low maintenance kind of like hair style and you don’t want to have on a product it’s a lot creamier I’ll show you but it doesn’t look your hair will feel really I .

cannot believe I put all of this in my hair so I like it’s a poop ton am I here cuz I don’t think I’m allowed to say so this one is low maintenance you don’t want it like a half flyaways when you still want something in your hair this .

is the way you use your hair is just still very touchable so yeah this one it’s flexible low maintenance just want something in your hair just so that you can still style it but you don’t care if it moves the other ones will not really .

move you can touch it but it won’t move but this one is like movable flexible I guess smooth air definition that’s like lightweight but that doesn’t have a stiff hold that’s the way to describe it these are I probably have a lot more hair products but these are the ones that I use on regular basis depending on my these four two by Bumble and .

Bumble one by sexy hair and one by enjoy I’ll link all the products down in the comment section so to make it easier for you guys to find them this concludes the video for all my favorite hair waxes hair mold hair sculpting things I hope you guys enjoyed it and found this.