Best Pomade To Slick Back Hair

Best Pomade To Slick Back HairLooking for the Best Pomade To Slick Back Hair? You’ve come to the right place

I’ve got a few products in front of me free to be a precise I’ve been testing them out over the last few weeks and these products are the blue man Cavalier clay Damon Barbour texture clay and ruse or pink pomade in today’s

Best Pomade To Slick Back Hair

video we’re going to be talking about all of these free products what they are what a heads up they suit best and what the advantages of using these products as we determine what is best for a slick back hair stop it’s almost like. 

a battle between them but it’s like a triple threat instead I’m eight remember Triple Threat matches in wrestling can you remember May I miss those days remember like stone cold the rock Triple H and Kane in like what’s that.massive page map Hell in a Cell oh my God my favorite wrestler as a kid was Kane actually who was your favorite wrestler as a kid before we get a video slide let me know in the comment section down below because this is .

literally the best question I’ve ever asked my channel just really quickly I would love to get your input in this video tell me in the comment section down below which is the best hair products you think it’s on the market right now .

so we’re going to start with the Damon barber tissue clay formerly known as the number four the first thing you think of like when you get this product in your hand is that it’s absolute class like it’s a glass jar the packaging I’m .

a massive fan of when you open the jar and give it a cheeky little smell honestly it’s the best scent I’ve ever come across for our hair product honestly it’s just so so wonderful it has the standard clay color even though these are .

positives it’s not gonna mean absolute shit if it’s a bad product so let’s go ahead and test this product out the packaging does state that it’s a stronghold matte finish clay but after testing it out I was a little bit disappointed because to me it’s not really like a clay it’s way too soft to be a clay it’s almost like a putty it’s very easy to scoop out.compared to like other clays some are find really rock hard to get and when I break it down in my hands it’s really. 

really smooth I was aware people have said before that the Damon barber clay is really grippy when you apply it to your hair and I’ve completely disagree I didn’t experience any of this whatsoever my hands were going through my. 

hair really smoothly it’s a really nice application I would definitely recommend this product for people with straight hair the Tex is actually great this is one of the products I would recommend if you’re bad for a textured .

look impress with this product so far but how did it perform throughout the day and the answer to that is unfortunately not so good I walked outside my house and within 10 minutes the left part my slicked-back fell down my face and that’s not why I expect from a clay product whatsoever I’m not too sure about you guys but when I think of the word clay I expect it to be a really strong product I can relax knowing that my hair is gonna .

stay in the same position that i stoled it in for out the day a lot of people were saying to me I tried the Damon barber clay it’s gonna work amazing and I always get great results in my opinion this product is more suited .

towards people with dead straight hair if you’ve got straight hair definitely give the Damon barber takes a clay a go because I know for a fact you’re really gonna love it I’ve actually got really curly hair slash like wavy now we’re .

going to move on to a product I’m a massive fan of recently I ordered the Rose or pink pomade in a tiny little jar and when I finished I’m gonna order a shit-ton and this is why so it actually comes in this really unique packaging. 

like the first time I saw it I was like what the fuck is a pig doing on the front firm let’s open this up and scent wise it is so so good to smell it’s really really sweet honestly like if I’m walking in my bathroom during my daily routine. 

I’ll let you just pick it up and smell the scent just for the sake of it it scoops out so easy I only take this much now with pomade so you don’t want to take too much because it can leave your hair looking very very greasy scooped .

out just about enough cover your hair and pomade then if you need to add some more and coat it all over I’ve seen so many hair tutorials before and like people just overuse the pomade and you don’t need to do that because it .

starts to look really really greasy there is a tiny bit pull when it goes in your hair and what you notice immediately is the shine it’s actually a really pleasant experience applying the resulting pomade to your hair now my natural .

hair type is curly my hair straightening treatment is starting to wear off which has left my hair more wavy now I’ve tested out this product a lot and experimented with it and I found out that you can use this product to two ways .

the first way for people who have curly and wavy hair is to get your hair wet and then blow-dry out as much as the curls and waves as possible and then apply it the rose or pink pomade if you’re going to go for this option you’re .

going to have to use quite a lot of the pink pomade the second way is to get your hair damp and then apply a generous amount cut your hair evenly the hold is very strong and my hair doesn’t move at a place all day and .

that’s the sort of product I’m after with this product you have the ability to reshape your hairstyle from the day because it is an oil based pomade now the only negative I’ve got this product is that being an oil-based pomade it’s. 

just so so hard to wash it out of your hair this product is amazing for anyone with curly or wavy hair looking to go for a sleek back if I’m in a rush and I’ve got to leave the house in a few minutes I literally just get my head damp .

Chuck some rose or pink pomade in it and then within a few minutes I’m at the door my hair’s just gonna stay in place all day long overall this is going to be an amazing product if you want to speed back hair style and it suits .

every single hair type however there is not that much shine especially for products that claims it’s a medium shine I’d say like it’s more of a low shy and I do think you’ll find that this product it’s more activated and it’s much more. 

shinier when used with a damp hair especially when you get into like natural lit environments lastly we are moving on to the Blue Man Cavalier clay this is the packaging it comes in its label that clearly what the product is and what it’s supposed to do is a heavy whole clay which after using it I completely agree it gives me a very nice matte finish for the people who have this product already let me know in the comment section down below what .

you think of it because I’m waiting to hear from you and also there’s going to be other people scrolling down the comments and they’re going to want to get your feedback as well for experience of using this product I can tell youthat it suits all hair styles if you’re going for a quiff this is literally the best product because it texturizer is so so. 

easy and you can build with some crazy volume as well quicks are supposed to be texturized and this product certainly does that to your hair very well it does stay on the packaging that is supposed to create extreme texture .

and I completely agree with it however how does the Cavalier clay perform in my hair for the day very very well every single time I apply it to my hair I have the confidence knowing that I can go out and just do whatever and .

my hair will stay in place for other day I would 100% recommend this product a lot of people compare the hands to fuoco claymation to the Blue Man Cavalier clay and let me tell you the Cavalier clay absolutely blows .

claymation out of the water this is top dog so which is best to fall asleep back hairstyle gotta say the roots or pink pomade is a great option if you want to go for a slicked back because it holds your hair in place they and if you want like a shiny finish definitely give this product a try it’s a really low shine and I’m able to adjust my hairstyle .

for out the day and like even then my hairstyle stays in place so Russo ping pomade well done lads how about if you’re going for a matte finish the blue man cavalier clay is the best product for you it allows me to create texture .

in my hair and my hairstyle locks into place all day long sorry Damon barber it’s no for me I’ve got to say though they my barber will work really really well for people with straight hair but like I said earlier on in the video guys .

different products will have different effects for people’s hair styles the best way to find a product which is good for you is to really go ahead and test all these out because you may be very surprised so guys I thought I’d go for .

something a little bit different in today’s video I hope you liked it give me some feedback down below in the comment section by the way I hit 300,000 followers today on YouTube and I just want to say thank you so much for your unconditional support.