Best Precision Beard Trimmer

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so this grooming told is the Brio beard scale I’ve been using a breeder for a few years now and I really love it today I’m gonna do a transformation I’m going back to the stubble and the thick mustache which a lot of people describe it as the beer stash before I get digging into the beard I’d like to just tell you a few things and why I love the debris

Best Precision Beard Trimmer

or so much right let’s start with the blade extremely sharp ceramic blade and very quiet we’ll get to that in a little bit another function I really love ease this button here you can actually adjust the micro blade from 0 to 1.3 1.6 or 1.9 I’m going to leave it at 1.9 for today’s transformation you can also use it for any other beard length by adding the guards to the Brio and the guard start from 15 to 18 millimeters 9 to 12 millimeters 3 to 6 millimeters right .

down to 2 to 1 millimeter another function I really like is when you turn it on listen to these right super quiet but now listen to these you can speed up the pace the Brio cuts your first you air or your air I’m gonna slow it right down again and I’m probably going to use the slow pace for most of this video and the reason being is if you go to .

a barber for example you find most barbers have their tremor running at a slower pace which this is great for especially as men in this area can be very imitating and by the machine running our slower pace minimal eise’s .

the risk of pulling hair and gave skin irritation like you would get for example from eraser it’s a little bit heavier than most trimmers out there because it’s got an amazing power life so they made a little bit it is not crazy Evie .

but actually feels quite good on the hand for me it’s just got the right amount of weight I think this is all I really need to say about abrir now let’s get digging into the beard and achieve these beards – look because I said I’m .

gonna run it on slow let’s get down to it I’m gonna go up nice and nice double right there I’m looking in there just because I’ve got the mirror there by the way man look at the precision on that this is the area where I have to be .

very careful because either one over in my moustache so I’m definitely gonna run in slow there amazing no pooling whatsoever around the neck which are very sensitive by the way you feel super good I should have done something funny with the beers right maybe I will non-perfect civil outside looks looking amazing straightaway .

now I’m gonna turn up a little bit just for you guys to see as I set up for a run mine on slower but I would like you guys to see me shaving decide on a speed how quickly sees how you can speed up the process maybe slow it down for the neck like most people would do you know quickly you can actually achieve your look by speeding up the .

Braille this is the tricky bit for me now but before we get to that let’s do something hilarious might be my next look actually right now we’re gonna slow it down just because I’m gonna cut around these before the let me just get .

really spoke perfect now all right let’s get these mustache all to the side because we want to keep as much hair possible I could use a comb but I’m not perfect now this side for me is the trick you want because I wanna use my .

left hand at all so now you see me pulling some weird places for sure and angles there and voila that is the perfect beer – for me by the way achieve like look 100% achieved beer its K precision for sure look a chief weed will be .

escaped under percent for me in my opinion another thing I like about Brio is you can reach out to Brio anytime and they will support you with any questions you might have we are stand by their product and represent once .

again guys thank you for watching thank you for subscribing I