Best Razor for Black Men

Best Razor for Black Men

Shaving and maintaining your beard can be really hard nowadays since everyone is always so pressed for time. With a full-time career, relationships and family, one barely has any time for some self-love and care. It seems like being a man is just one selfless act after the other, always providing for those around you but it is extremely important to work on your own self and what better way to let loose than grooming your facial mane?

What many individuals and sometimes even professionals tend to forget is that different people have varying types of hair growth and texture, not to mention different lengths that must be given a certain kind of care. For our black brothers out there, it gets even more serious. Since the care and techniques required for the cutting and styling afro style hair is way different than dealing with Caucasian hair for example. You need special care and a certain amount of knowledge on how to handle different types of hair before you get in the business and thankfully due to the increased innovation in razor and shaving technology, this job just got a whole lot easier.

From unique and multiple length settings to specialized trimmers for each fade, detail or lineup, electric razors and conventional ones have really stepped up their game. This is why we have decided to compile a little list of the 10 best razors well suited to tackling black men’s hair. If you are looking for the ultimate product that is not expensive and gives the best and most comfortable shave, we recommend the Wahl’s 5 Star Series that gives you your money’s worth without any pesky razor bumps or redness thanks to its hypoallergenic foils.

Best Razor for Black Men

Look at all these best razors for black men to see which one is right for you.

  1. Barber Straight Razor

Our first product for the day is the Barber Straight razor which is as straightforward as it’s name. A good traditional safety razor that has adopted new innovations to become even better.

Ergonomics is key nowadays and that’s what you’ll get from this device. As it is lightweight and compact. There is less chance of you messing up your shave as it works with less vibrations which makes it easier to control. It fits well in you palm and is also easy to maneuver around which means you will not have to deal with any ghastly hand cramps. A well-balanced weight distribution is key!

There is also a single-edged razor that is sharp enough to hold its own by providing the most precision based shaves imaginable. There is also a specialized armature lock that allows you to add or remove the blade easily. It is super safe and offers extra protection so that the blade does not fall out even if a lot of pressure is being applied.

The blade itself is 100 percent stainless steel which means it is not only hypoallergenic in nature but is also corrosion and rust-resistant which makes it a super long-lasting product that means that you will not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

As far as flaws go, there really is only the fact that this device can be difficult to handle if you’re not exactly an expert as it has been designed keeping professional barbers and stylists in mind. From the super-precise detail work it provides to the ultra thin 1.5 mm blade it carries, you should knkw your way around sharp objects to be allowed to use this bad boy.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Rust resistant
  • Ergonomic design


  • Only for professional usage


Every Man Jack Manual Razor

Next we have the Every Man Jack razor which is a purely manual one since that’s really where it all started right? You simply cannot beat the class and elegance of a conventional safety razor as it is best for simplistic and stress free shaves.

Like most great products, the Every Man Jack is equipped with state of the art stainless steel blades which are not only waterproof and rust resistant but are also hypoallergenic which means no matter how much you use them they will not damage your skin. You receive 6 stainless steel blades and 4 cartridges. You can wash them after use under a sink which will allow you to get done with cleaning up in mere minutes.

The smart design means that the razor is both compact and super easy to move a round as desired by the user. The handle is also long and provides a good textured grip to the user which ensures that even if you use it for a wet and lathered up shave, it won’t slip out of your hands.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rust resistant
  • Steel blades
  • Ergonomic


  • Not as technology advanced


VIKINGS Double Edge Razor

Our next product has a design like it was made for the gods. We are of course talking about the Swedish company Viking’s Double Edge safety razor which is aptly called the Chieftain Odin. Like the great Norse God, this device has been built for power!

It has a special lock that prevents misalignment of the razor blades so that you can fix it to a setting of your choice and ensure that it stays there so that you do not mess up your fine cutting experience. It has freeze setting doors that stops the blades from moving out of the order they should be present in.

You will receive a pack of complimentary 12C25 steel blades which are a Sweden special along with a mirror and a Leatherette & alcantara case.

Other than that the Chieftain is known to be a generally all rounder kind of razor which means it is good in all aspects such as design, features and durability.

It is best for people with some experience but is so easy to use that even the average user can easily control the razor. However it does have one flaw that can be avoided if you are careful. It is covered in a regal rose gold plating that looks amazing but needs some tensing to. It will fade fast if you do not dry off the razor after each use. For those of us with little time on our hands, a lapse is expected.


  • Anti misalignment feature
  • Easy to use
  • Additional accessories


  • Plating will fade

Braun Series 3 3040S

Moving on we have the Braun Series 3 Pro skin or the 30 40 S which is one of our absolute favourites. Besides being a Braun classic product, this device has the best features.

It has a triple action cutting system which allows it to cut more hair with each swipe and cover more surface area each time. The twice as powerful Senso Foil technology means you will get the closest shave but with the utmost comfort.

It is also a 100 percent waterproof and wash safe so you will not have to worry about getting the product wet as all its parts are rust resistant and durable. Since the Pro skin is waterproof, it allows for both a wet and dry shaving experience. Use it with your favourite gel, foam or cream and don’t worry about getting any nasty razor burns or irritation. Along with the senso foil action, it has the Micro Comb feature which aids the capture of more hair more faster and efficiently.

It is a rechargeable product and with this packaging you will receive 2 rechargeable batteries.


  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof and wash safe
  • Senso foil
  • Micro Comb


  • Could have better design


Philips Sensotouch Electric Shaver 

Our next product also has as many cool features as the last but this time, it is a device out of the Phillips playbook. We are going to be reviewing the Phillips Senso Touch electric shaver which has Gyro flex technology in it. What that is exactly will be covered ahead.

The senso touch feature means that the device has a smart sensor that lets the user power through without the worry that the machine will cut me the hair too short. As it has sensors that let the blades know how much growth they are dealing with and allows for greater control on the user’s part.

Coming back to the major selling point of this product, we have the Gyro Flex 2 D technology which as the name suggests allows the device’s head to be flexible enough to pivot in 2 directions. This allows the Senso Touch to glide across the natural contours of your face without any issue.

For a smooth and consistent shave, look no further than the Phillips Senso touch.


  • Senso touch sensor
  • Gyro flex pivoting head
  • Waterproof


  • Pricey


Braun Series 9 9290cc

We now have an other Braun product to review as they just have such an amazing and wide range of electric shavers that tackle all sorts of hair types, textures and lengths. The Braun 9290 cc from their Series 9 range of products claims to be the world’s best shaver in the sense that it id efficienct and engineered especially for sensitive skin. This claim is backed by a company led test of the 9290’s performance on stubble growth that pops up a day or two after a normal shave. The device consistently proved to be bettah adept at tackling stubble growth than others.

You will receive 2 trimmers that have a coating of titanium that allows its blades to capture more flat lying and longer hair in less number of swipes. Don’t worry about tricky and hard to reach hair such as behind the ears as its 5 synchronized shaving elements ensure it covers more surface area with each use.

Another cool feature that actually aids the capture of more hair is the fact that it works with 10 000 micro vibrations that pull hair in the blade’s direction allowing it to cut them seamlessly which is due to its patented synchro sonic technology.

It also has a smart sensor that readjusts the blade’s settings according to the amount of hair growth which allows for extreme precision and control.


  • Synchro sonic technology
  • 2 trimmers
  • 5 shavers


  • None as of yet


Wahl Professional 5-Star Series 8061

Our next product is from Wahl’s 5 star range and the product in question is the 8061. A list about electronic shavers and razors definitely could not be complete without a Wahl’s product as they have been pioneers in this industry for decades and are also fan favourites online,receiving raving reviews.

A word of caution is advised however, that like most of the 5 star series, this product is first and foremost designed to aid professionals and the demands that their profession requires from them. This includes absolute and unequivocal precision at all times. Control is a Professional’s best friend.

You will receive all the goodies that a pro needs daily such as a foil guard, a cleaning brush, blade oil for maintenance, a charging cord and a user’s manual.

Not only is the 5 star a very powerful device it is also a very attractive and stylish one. Of course pros need to keep the best of the best in their arsenal as customers expect no less. You get a rechargeable battery and a free charging cord that is easy to maneuver around your shop. You will get an hours worth of charging which is more than enough for a couple great shaves.

Besides being super sharp the foils are also made out of gold which makes them hypoallergenic in nature. So if you suffer from broken or irritated skin, this shaver is your best friend. No more bumps, redness, acne breakouts or ingrown hair.


  • Super sharp
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Stylish


  • Specifically for pros


Panasonic ES-LA93-K

Next we have a Panasonic device which is the ES LA 93 K which is from their Arc 4 series of products. Apart from the fact that this product has won awards for its unparalleled performance in terms of its shave and durability, this is a very stylish product.

It has a handy LED display that features a 10 stage analysis and indication that includes battery usage, battery percentage, low battery indicator, clean up reminder and much more. It has 4 blades that have been angled to 30 degrees and are nano tech blades that already provide extreme smooth shaves.

The dual motor provides an epic 14 000 cuts per minute which means that you will get the fastest cutting action possible. The 4 blades also cover more surface area and capture more hair between them.

The best part of this product has to be the specialized clean and charging station that not only cleans the device or charges it in an upright position but it is also responsible for drying it up and keeping it sanitary. The sonic cleaning mode is also great as it provides exactly the kind od vibrations needed to Clean up the device from inside out. The device is also completely waterproof which means it is washable.


  • Wet and dry capabilities
  • 30 degree angled blades
  • 14000 cuts per minute


  • Pricier


Philips Norelco Shaver 8900

We had to include a device from the Phillips Norelco series since they are some of the best products in the market today. Specifically we are discussing the Norelco 8900 shaver which is powered by a powerful lithium ion battery that is also rechargeable. However with one full charge you get 50 minutes of uninterrupted shaving bliss. It also has an LED display which provides a 3 stage indication for battery.

It hugs and mimics the contours of your face which allows it to come in close contact with your face without any damage. The contour detection feature not only glides across your face but also allows the device to grab 20 times more hair than other brands in the same range.

It also has a wet and dry dual function which means you have the convenience of using it as is or in the shower for more protection and comfort. It also provides 5 length settings which are in built and cater to everything from a full fledged beard to the shortest stubble growth.


  • 5 precision length settings
  • LED display
  • 50 minutes of charge
  • Smart contour technology


  • None really


Braun 799CC

Our last product for the day is another one of Brauns epic creations which is the 799 cc from their series 7 which are its latest electric shavers that have all the latest innovation with the classic Braun touch.

It allows for 3 personalized settings for varying hair lengths that mean that you as the user have the control to customize your shaving experience as you like it.

It also has a 100 percent wet and dry functionality which allows it to be used in the shower, with your favourite gels, foams and creams or even dry. Its completely up to you. The pulsonic technology however is its main selling point as it provides 10 000 micro vibrations per minute which direct hair into the blades and that allows most hair to be cut.

It also has a flexible shaving head that mimics the contours of your face and this makes for a super smooth shaving experience.


  • Flexible shaving head
  • Wet or dry
  • Pulsonic technology
  • 3 personalized settings


  • Could be more ergonomic