Best Razor For Shaving Head

Best Razor for Shaving HeadLooking for the Best Razor For Shaving Head? You’ve come to the right place

who is new here now today what you’re gonna do something a little bit different here if you saw in my last video I had the 100 subscribers heads shape celebration and I started off using this terrible double blade disposable it was an awful experience and today I was out shopping for a new razor and I usually go with the Gillette ProGlide but

Best Razor For Shaving Head

today I saw this the sheet is it chic okay I’m so sorry hydro Connect 5 the Chinese version let’s open this up okay I’ve got the five blade version and you know I’m a fan of the multi-blade razors but this one cost me like yeah seven or eight dollars something like that kind of expensive really just for one razor Wow we’re in balance a nice girl like it okay obviously you’ve got the detachable heads they’re nice action there detach the head put that back .

on this thing you’ve got like a little cover on it that it couldn’t like flip off and flip back on which is strange I’m not really sure why but there you go five blades on this one hydro connect and you see that and today I’m gonna what we’re gonna test it out okay we’re going in with no coconut oil and to accompany the Sheik razor we’ve got this .

Sheik foam shaving foam so let’s see if it’s any good if you’re in the market for a razor let’s see if it’s any good we’re going old-school here let’s get that water on the head about 20 hours worth of growth here and you can see and you can hear it get on there nicely now let’s go and with some foam shake it up oh okay here we go there we go we got the fun mmm smells more like it’s most type of gentlemanly rather than the Gillette foamy it smells a little bit .

more the gentlemen’s but it’s kind of bit more it’s weird it’s like more much more spongy than the Gillette star weird that’s a weird feeling I’ve got it everywhere on my nose on my ear even’s spread so it looks more professional beautiful get that raising nice and wet still a couple of strokes just to see what it’s like  am i .

using it right okay you’ve got the pivot action on the go there but it like pivots too much so when I press against it it like okay it’s working it’s working it works it works initial my initial feeling it’s not as good as the Gillette razor it’s not it’s just not right you’ve already seen me my nose time so this so I’m gonna try something different here .

let’s go in with some you know let’s just try something different here we’re good ok first up let’s talk about this sheep phone shaving foam okay it’s weird it’s like a weird sponge that creates a barrier for you to shave your head I like that old school smell love that but – spongy and it’s not smooth enough six out of ten hydro connect five .

blade this head it like tilts loads if you view and so as I was shaving I mean you don’t want to I like to just you know get it up and as it because it moves it was kind of like oh you didn’t get the hairs oh it didn’t get the hairs again so I would literally have to shave my head for like 15 minutes even though you just saw those fun clips there. 

again you know it looks good comfortable hold but again you know not good for me the winner is still this Gillette bad boy vibration even though I never use that function but it’s very goes with the flow I like that one I’ve got more exciting news this right here is the bald cafe aftershave bald head butter 2.0 okay this is the second time I’ve. 

done this one now complete with chocolaty coffee fragrance after you shaved you put about this much on oh my goodness it feels so good version 2.0 less greasy coffee fragrance and I love it oh I absolutely love it and so this .

now I’m going to give it to a few people to help me try see what they think of it but I’m so excited to get this you know finished and into you guys’s hands so you can experience the just yeah you can experience this awesome experience of using this stuff is bloody fantastic natural finish and then you got that is it for today’s video the .

review there of the sheep hydro v of hydro v connect it was just okay again I want to thank each and every one of you for watching if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe to the video and if you’ve got anything that you want me to do reviews and such then let me know in the comments section below.