Best Razor For Shaving Legs

Best Razor For Shaving LegsLooking for the Best Razor For Shaving Legs? You’ve come to the right place

if you guys are new don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I have a lot of shaving videos so if you guys are interested I also have an Instagram it’s at Audrey Victoria X so now let’s get into the video so I like to start off with using soap and this hope that I like to use it when I shave my legs is Irish Spring I also like to make a DIY body

Best Razor For Shaving Legs

scrub which I will show you guys how I use in a couple minutes this is how I make the scrub I just put about a tablespoon of coffee grounds this is like a heaping tablespoon and then I add maybe two tablespoons or three tablespoons actually that looks like three tablespoons of olive oil and I mix it together this is an amazing DIY body. 

scrub and it does the same thing as a body scrub does that you can buy in the store so I just mix this together and I set it aside for when I’m about to shave so I also use a conditioner to shave and these are the razors that I like to use they’re just the big stelae razors these are my favorite I also like to use a body lotion and this is just a suave .

nourishing lotion and it works perfectly on my legs and it’s super affordable so this is what the regrowth of my hair looks like after not shaving for a week I try to shave twice a week in the spring and summer but I slashed this week and the regrowth was real so obviously first I like to use a lukewarm water and this was at the very end of my shower by the way now I’m going to wash my legs and I will just thoroughly wash them this helps to prevent .

ingrown hairs and strawberry skin which I’ll explain later in the video when I give you guys some more tips then I will apply my body scrub and again I am obsessed with this body scrub it is amazing and obviously you could buy like a cute body scrub from the store but this just does the same exact thing and as a matter of fact it almost leaves. 

my legs feeling a lot smoother than the ones in the store I don’t know if it’s the olive oil I don’t know if it’s like the combination it’s something magical about this a body scrub but that just leaves my skin feeling amazingly smooth so then I rinse it off of course in a used conditioner to shave I don’t use any shaving cream I don’t use any like that. 

to shave my legs I always use conditioner it helps to soften the hair on my legs making it a lot easier for me to shave and I try to let the conditioner sit on my legs for about three to five minutes while I’m in the shower just to .

help it soften the legs as much as possible and when I’m shaving I will go gentle all over my leg I shaved my entire leg I try to focus specifically on around my ankles and my knees because those are the areas that I tend to forget those are also the areas that are the most sensitive but if you guys can notice when I’m shaving my legs especially .

my thighs I have just shaved in all different directions and that’s because the hair in my leg that grows in all different directions and I just have a lot of hair I also shave against the hair growth I’ll explain a little bit more about why I do that later in this video but that just basically helps to ensure that I’m getting a closer shave and it .

just helps my legs to feel even smoother finally I just apply lotion and I can never shave my legs without applying lotion although the body scrub and the conditioner do help to make my legs really smooth and sometimes I feel like I don’t need to use lotion I just like to use lotion after shaving and anytime after I get out of the shower to lock. 

in the moisture and to just ensure that my legs are gonna be as smooth and moisturized as possible all right so now I’m going to tell you guys a few more things about how I shave my legs so in terms of how often I shave my legs it depends on the time of year so in the winter I’ll honestly shave sometimes once every two weeks that’s not .

because my hair it takes forever to grow back it’s just because I’m always wearing pants or leggings or something to cover up my legs so I never have to shave if no one is gonna see the hair if I’m not gonna see the hair I don’t .

bother to shave but at the same time shaving my legs does help to make my legs feel super smooth because of that I don’t forego shaving altogether in the winter I will just shave less often so in the summertime I shave my legs twice a week in order to keep up obviously I could go with shaving just once a week but shaving twice a week again. 

just helps my legs to feel super smooth and it helps them to look smooth and I feel like that’s important in the summer at least for me so for how I avoid strawberry skin and in hairs honestly the only thing that I can say is that I make sure to clean my legs before I shave and then I also make sure to exfoliate my legs before I shave .

something that a lot of people don’t mention in these shaving videos is that a tendency to have strawberry skin and to have a lot of ingrown hairs can be genetic well there are some things that you can do to prevent ingrown hairs I feel like it is genetic to be prone to get ingrown hairs no one in my family has strawberry skin and I do .

occasionally get an ingrown hair here and there but I don’t have crazy ingrown hairs and again I feel like that’s probably because it’s just not genetic a lot of people in my family aren’t even hairy so they don’t really have the issue of having strawberry skin or having ingrown hairs so one thing that I do that a lot of people actually don’t .

recommend to do but that I haven’t had much of an issue with is I shave against the direction of which the hair grows so in a lot of my shaving videos people will point out that I should shave with the hair growth but I have had no issue shaving against the hair and shaving against the hair actually helps me to get a closer shave and my legs .

feel a lot smoother shaving against the hair obviously in other areas of my body I prefer to shave differently but because it’s my legs and I just want to get the closest shave as possible and I’m not really worried about ingrown hairs or cuts on my legs because it rarely happens to me that’s why I shave against the hair another thing that I do. 

is I wait until the end of my shower to shave always so after I’ve washed my hair after I’ve washed my face after I’ve cleaned my entire body that’s when I shave and I do this for two reasons when I’m in the shower and the warm water is on my skin it’s helping to soften the hair so by the time that I shave at the end of the shower the .

hair of my legs is as soft as it’s gonna get and it makes it a lot easier to shave and a lot less abrasive another reason why I like to wait until the end is because I do use conditioner to shave so waiting until the end helps to ensure .

that my skin is gonna be as smooth as possible when I get out of the shower and of course as you guys know I always moisturize when I get out of the shower but waiting to condition until the end it just helps to add that added moisture into my legs and it just makes them a lot of smoother so another thing that I actually never do is I never use a cheap razor so they don’t really even get the job done of shaving my legs but second of all those are the. 

types of products that will lead to cuts on me I think it’s just the cheap manufacturing of the razor that leads to irritation and cuts on my legs but I never use those another thing that I never do is I never shave with just like regular body wash or a bar of soap and I never shave with nothing so I know that that frace is weird but basically I. 

just I always make sure to apply conditioner and at the very least I will apply shaving cream but I prefer to not apply shaving cream because that to me is just as bad as using a bar of soap so I always try to use conditioner .

shaving with a bar of soap is just the sure way to irritate my skin and a really good way for me to get cut when I’m shaving because it dries out my skin and then when I’m trying to shave like the dry skin it makes what the razor .

just leads to a cut so I always try to use conditioner and I never shave with nothing like that just makes me cringe but especially not on my legs another thing that I’ve done throughout the years and I will admit I don’t always do this but I always actively try to do this is take my razor out of the shower when I’m not going to shave or when I’m. 

done shaving and that’s because when I leave the razor in the shower although it’s not directly under the water a lot of times the steam in the shower or just like random drops of water that are spraying in the area where my razor is will lead to rusting a lot earlier so I always throw my razor away before I even notice any rust but leaving my razor in the shower even when I’m not showering when I’m not using the razor just really expedites the rusting. 

process so I always try to keep it in a place secure away from any moisture so that’s like a drawer outside of my bathroom or my bathroom cabinet so another thing that I do when shaving my legs is I try to focus specifically on. 

the areas that I miss so if you guys are like me and your entire leg is hairy I’m talking to my thighs my knees my ankles everywhere is hairy there’s just a lot of surface area to get and on top of that a lot of times especially on my thighs the hair will just grow in different directions so I have to shave this way I have to shave that way and it can .

be really annoying because of that I can often miss areas and when I’m shaving my legs although I don’t do this every time I try to focus on the areas that I know I always miss so I’m talking about areas like my knees my ankles and behind my thighs I will try to focus on those areas when shaving those areas also tend to be really sensitive .

which I feel like is why I miss spots there because I’m trying not to shave too intensely on those areas because they are sensitive so I will try to gently shave on those areas and of course I will try to gently shave my entire leg but especially the areas that I missed and the areas that are the most easily irritated which happened to be the same areas so I hope you guys enjoyed this video about shaping my legs if you guys are new to my channel I have a .

bunch of other shaving videos I’ll put them in the description down below as well as in the cards if you guys want to check out all my other shaving videos and also look out for rain-x shaving video which is going to be about shaving my face although I do already have a face shaving video I’m gonna make a brand new on.