Best Rechargeable Noise Hair Trimmer

Best Rechargeable Noise Hair TrimmerLooking for the Best Rechargeable Noise Hair Trimmer? You’ve come to the right place

says a three-in-one nose ear and hair trimmer so the hair image of think it’s just high burns things like that and obviously your nose and ears so what’s it’s a super quiet 6500 RPM motor rechargeable and washable I don’t

Best Rechargeable Noise Hair Trimmer

think it means a whole lot it means the end of the blade of things possible it looks quite nice quickly show you around the packaging don’t know how much you like it yeah and it says on the side comfort trim technology .

comfort blade guard protects against Nicks and cuts because I do get a few Nicks you know member shows we forgot looks pop-up which is a really annoying reach angled micro tip for hard-to-reach places so when you’re sticking up you know this it could be hard to read price and speed bi-directional blades for fast hair removal so .

that’s it so it’s got look pictures of someone’s troubling up their nose any new years and they’ve got a trimmer so it’s three and one so you’ve got a little attachments which is a good so quite like that and I’m not sure how to .

pronounce the name is it’s gone wrong so I’m not even going to try and pronounce the name it says it’s quality product actually it says on the Amazon best rechargeable nose hair trimmer premium quality stainless steel one plate lifetime warranty and 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction so it’s quite impressive so with that should. 

we do the unboxing I’ll move the camera around so you get a better view because it’s quite small product but can you see that okay wait Oh got me looking like that there’s obviously still sealed so yeah it’s better with that plastic doesn’t shine so much so you’d be able to see it better hopefully it’ll work really well those never find these before I. 

don’t know if anyone else we’ve got one of these my son has got a different one so just get the box undone shall we oh whoops whoops is all bits falling there everywhere so that should have been in there I’ve done aware that .

should have been I would have walked in there oh and there’s the bag underneath out sometimes we’ll look bag good destroying instructions a bit screwed up so one loose bit if it’s been resealed please read full instruction for .

proper use so I never read that a bit later and we tried to pull three and one three month directions for you so I’ll never read that like a waiver so come preview normal shaving connection they got their effort in this country if you haven’t got one of these connections then you’ve got an eleven at that turn luckily I’ve got an adapter anyway .

for charging it up each of you trimmer so obviously fee sideburns a net and I’ll probably use that I’m going to test it on my hands cuz I’ve quite hairy hands I went Chuck dude mi once he’s charged out of that over using that one bu is full of brush cleaning obviously any units F which is her still sealed so if we know that he’d been used they .

probably just put the packaging in a bit wrong that’s something about that I don’t leave me knife and I’m front and watch scratch it see what not to the top anyway they basically push up your nose that’s right charger plugging in charge in there so that goes in there one night long the ladies have a quick look oh it’s quite long this way probably. 

about a meter I’ll ever make up and put it on there right yeah so yeah so that’s erm that’s the unboxing bit done I’ve charged it up on VG instructions with the headway it can’t really nice little bag first I’ll just turn that quality of. 

delayed and the product looks really nice as well yeah as long as it does the job at the end of days what were worried about bring that back on not sure why they call it a three and one I suppose knows even yeah – so that’s .

your three and one in it anyway I’ll charge it up and then were with do test on it oh look back again so it’s 10 to 12 hours to charge this thing up for the first time and the little light red light does not turn off so it just says it’s .

charging barefoot says in my menu anyway so with that we’re going to open try this said little trimmer when you use it on the back of me and on these areas here I think you can see that okay the way you do it to remove this it .

just twist and you clockwise and pull off and the same as putting this on you find out which slots in give it a twist and drop down that’s it so let’s see how it works we’re good it is chilly they kind of work pretty well didn’t feel no .

roughness nevis that’s pretty good so that’s that so now I’m going to try it with this let’s walk them over here today gone tomorrow find the old all we do you just push it in and then turn it and it’s locked in place so game we’re .

going to do the same yeah it was pretty well well was bit lubrication there was something so for do me ends I think it’d be a lot better to use this one so a community yes what really will I suppose real test at bay when I stick out .

Minos will do me using it I’m not going to show you ever what I do is I test it miss half and see I’ll get them right so I’ve had a quick go of it dummy nose feels a lot better than me years and back of one hand it’s okay I’ve got .

Harry aimed on one side and not Harry and on the other side now if you can say that well no not cause if you look on the ends I’ve done some of them not all them just to test it from there so yeah my first impressions I’ll tell you .

what I did like about it is that quiet was compared to my old one my old one was quite noisy this is very quiet and it’s a look different to the way it works with me I won with like a long one and so with damn whining where this is like oh that’s a wet band in it so yeah I think it’s gonna be what I thought that it can detect me a few weeks to .

decide whether it’s going to be perfect so I’ll have to get back to you but my initial opinion is yes very good I know I would give it a thumbs up so lots I’m not gonna pronounce the name of this surf company don’t turn there to pronounce it so yeah comes out a little warm like lukewarm so you know the metal doesn’t feel cold once it starts .

working in sometimes beating your penis is quite good I like the look of it it’s quite nice it’s quite quite a good sized device it’s not too small it’s not sleepy it’s very good so hopefully I’ll be using this for the very near future well for quite a while when hope hopefully seven years so yeah it’s my thumbs up.