Best Shampoo For Greasy Hair

Best Shampoo For Greasy HairLooking for the Best Shampoo For Greasy Hair? You’ve come to the right place

I am so over having oily hair it’s just like who wants to watch the hair everyday it’s like so annoying but I have discovered a little tape and it’s seriously the easiest thing in the world that will completely change your life if you

Best Shampoo For Greasy Hair

suffer from oily hair or greasy hair or just you’re sick of having to wash your hair because it always looks dirty I know that a lot of you guys subscribe to my channel the same as me you’ve got an oily skin type and typically .

having an oily skin type generally comes hand-in-hand with oily hair you know as soon as your hair touches your face it pretty much gets oily as soon as you touch your hair with your hands it gets oily we just we’re followed .

around by oil I’m fine with it like if the dude goes before it’s gonna help this age waist lower you know so later on in life we’re gonna have less wrinkles because we’re got oily skin but unfortunately oily skin usually does mean Whateley hair now if you’re like me as well and you’ve got dark brunette hair dry shampoo really isn’t an option I .

have tried a bunch of different dry shampoo brands and I’ve got like brunette ones now that are meant to be like tinted with a little bit of color yeah it still is extremely visible in my hair like all of my roots get really really light looking they look really really gross and I also just really don’t like the feel or the texture of dry shampoo in my hair like it just oh it’s like gritty and it just I feel like I’m dirty wouldn’t when it’s in my hair basically I’m just not I .

mean I’ll use it if I’m desperate like but as a general rule I’ll try and avoid it as much as possible and also when other people always recommend to me is washing my hair less like only washing my hair once a week they’re like oh you’ve got oily hair just wash your hair less you know your body or you know rebalance and then you won’t get .

oily hair anymore I go to the gym like six seven days a week washing my hair once a week is not an option and I mean imagine all the dry shampoo I’d have to use then No well I’m so excited I have actually found something .

that like genuinely works literally life-changing and so so easy and so many of you probably gonna be like I don’t believe you I don’t believe that that works but I promise you once you try it you’ll be like oh yeah and it is putting .

salt in your shampoo I know how disgusting does that sound right I read it this little hack on Pinterest maybe maybe it was about 18 months ago and I remember looking at it being like that’s really weird like some of the .

things that people try out like I wonder what made them think of that but then I was like you know what I’ve got nothing to lose I’m actually going to try it you guys within like three to four shampoos I noticed a massive difference in my hair so what the salt does and it can be pretty much any kind of salt table salt sea salt I pretty .

much just went into our kitchen and pinched our salt and we use Himalayan pink rock salt brands like a health nut basically I just emptied this into my shampoo bottle it does dissolve completely so you can’t even see it sort of. 

in there anymore like it’s completely gone so took the top off and did for a whole bottle I would recommend maybe about like a tablespoon of salt emptied it in there shook it around it all dissolved you can’t really tell the .

difference now and then basically you just use it like normal like you don’t have to change your routine you don’t have to change the way that you shampoo your hair you don’t have to change the other products that you use or .

the conditioner do everything as normal all you have to do is add that tablespoon of salt to your shampoo now what the salt actually does is it controls the excessively overactive sebaceous glands in your scalp so sebaceous .

glands are basically your oil glands and the salt kind of like neutralizes everything and it calms everything down and it stops them from over producing too much oil it’s such a simple little thing but I promise you within like .

three to four shampoos it doesn’t work like instantaneously on the first shampoo but after like three shampoos you’ll be like whoa you will notice that your hair gets so much less oily than it did before it’s like actually it’s like .

kind of scary how well it works there’s also a bunch of other great benefits to adding salt to your shampoo it removes the excess like buildup of crap that’s on your hair if you’re like me you probably use hair spray probably .

use like styling creams and serums and you know all that other stuff that we put in the hair will basically like because salt is such a detoxifier and it really cleanses deeply and everything it strips all of that crap off your hair .

and know if you’ve got colored hair it will not affect it at all but you’ll notice your hair sort of like it feels like it’s got more volume it’ll be shinier and it’ll be bouncy out also using salt on your scalp is a very well-known way to .

actually promote hair growth so if you’re having trouble you know growing your hair you want your hair to get longer adding this to your shampoo as well like there’s a really if it’s a face and it’s so easy I probably seem like I’m. 

acting crazy but I’ve been testing this and I was just so excited to share it with you guys and I’ve had requests from you guys before like Nakia you’re an oily skin sister how do you stop your hair from getting oily and I never really .

had an answer till now like I really never like I said I discovered this about eighteen months ago but I didn’t try it until maybe like a month and a half ago two months ago I’m lazy I don’t know it’s I forgot about it whatever but .

now that I know this little Jam it needs to be shared so for all of you go and tell anybody that you know that .

struggling with oily hair just add a little bit of salt to your shampoo it would change your life and just as a little reference point before I used to have to wash my hair every single day I’ve got extremely long hair probably told .

you guys this before like I can basically sit on my hair it’s that long hi I used to have to wash my hair every single day and I mean it’s a hassle especially when you’ve got long hair takes a really long time to blow-dry like half an hour like you need to put a good half an hour way to blow-dry it and straighten your hair and it’s a pain in the ass .

like who wants to have to do that every single day not me my hair is actually day 3 look at this no dry shampoo nothing it’s still like fluffy it doesn’t look Olli I’m a new woman just so freaking excited that I discovered this like .

you have no idea so yes guys that’s pretty much it for today’s video I hope that this little trick helps you as much as it’s helped me I don’t really have any like salt recommendations for you any kind of salt will work and it doesn’t .

matter what shampoo that you add it to whatever shampoo that you were using right now add the salt into it and mind-blown mind-boggled if you do have any more questions about these or please be sure to pop them in the comment section down below you guys know how much I love spending time answering your questions and .

hanging out with you guys down there and if you’ve got any other oily skin dilemmas or oily hair dilemmas or greasy dilemmas that you want to help with please let me know I’m always here to help that’s basically the whole purpose.