Best Shape Up Clippers

best shape up clippers

For any beard, enthusiasts reading this, or even any inexperienced users out there, there are so many different ways that you can style, shape and line your beard hair that you can sometimes get lost in the entire process and are forced to go to a professional to get the job done. This is great but can not only be a time-consuming time but can have drastic effects on your weekly budget.

Especially if you’re a student or are having a hard time saving up, going to the barbershop every time you need some fresh detailing is not very feasible and yet it is this age demographic that is most interested in this kind of line ups and styles. So the easiest solution for this situation is to opt for an electric shape up a device that you can use within the comfort of your home. These products are specifically designed to provide you with the neatest shaping, fading and detailing that you desire.

In our list today we’ll be reviewing the top 9 shapes up devices available in the market. If you’re interested in the sharpest edges and lines, we recommend Wahl’s detailer which as the name suggests is designed for detail work as it can be zero gapped and also has the best clipper combs to help guide you through the process.

However if you’re not yet convinced, stay tuned for more information before you go making your purchase!

Best shape up clippers

These are the best shape up clippers for you available.

Andis Outliner 2

We are starting off our list with the Andis Outliner 2 which just from the brand name demands respect aa Andis products have no competition when it comes to precision based power and performance. This product has been engineered to provide the user with the closest shave possible and is the best for all sorts of outlining, shaping, fading, edging and detailing.

It is best for users with super short beards as it works exclusively with styling or shaving the hair as opposed to cutting and trimmer. This could be a flaw in the sense that if you’re looking for a multifunctional or all in one device, this is not it. There are no length setting guidance combs available in the packaging although these can be bought separately.

It has to be used while it charges which might be a bit of a let down, however since it is a pretty professional product, it expects you to stay in one position and it’s long and sturdy charging cord definitely helps in that regard. However this might be a blessing in disguise afterall as thanks to the corded element, the motor’s power barely ever lags.

The blades on this machine are truly powerful and can be adjusted as per your needs. They provide one of the cleanest and closest shape ups that we have seen for a while.


  • Best for shaping and lining
  • No power lag
  • Precision blades



  • Corded
  • Very specialized


Wahl’s Detailer

Moving on to our next product, we have the Wahl’s Detailer which is great for any one who is nostalgic for the good old times when all a man needed was one reliable and powerful shaver without all the fancy gimmicks and flashy features. The Detailer has the retro feel sorted! Made of a sturdy plastic, it features a sleek chrome finish and weighs really less so that makes it extremely ergonomic and easy to use.

The beautiful burgundy colour only adds that special feel to the entire product ans6 along with the easily maneuvering body that is both compact and lightweight, this makes for the best device to have some control while you detail your beard.

It allows the user to zero gap it especially for specific fading and detailing. For that close cutting skin fading action a zero gap is a must so that you can get those crisp and neat lines.

Even without a zero gap since that requires a little professional touch, you can get those close lines if you want as the Detailer is great at handing even the shortest of stubbles.

The rotary motor that powers this device is powerful enough to keep up with a professional setting so imagine the speed ans finesse of this device. The rotary motor also keeps this detailer super cool and quiet. You can use this device for extended periods of time without having to worry about it overheating or lagging in power.

In terms of the kind of hair it works best with, the answer is diverse as the Detailer can be used for all kinds of hair textures such as coarse and fine hair. You can even use it over wet hair as many users find a wet detail can be easier than a dry one as your beard is easier to manage and more well maintained that way. Use the added clipper comb to manage exactly how much hair you want to keep and what kind of detailing you do.

The blade is wider than most products in the market and this allows it to cover more surface area for a quicker process. However since this is a professional level product as most shaping ones are. It is recommended to use it with an extra bit of precaution and care especially if you zero gap it.

Therefore to avoid any mishaps or nicks, apply as much pressure as is needed. Keeping this potential issue in mind, we would love if the device had some sort of a smart sensor in place that kept the user from applying too much pressure.


  • Wider blade
  • Retro vibe
  • Zero gapped
  • Rotary motor


  • Might be too sharp


Wahl’s Lithium Ion Plus

Our next product for the day is the Wahl’s Lithium Ion Plus which is one of our absolute favourites in terms of battery power and torque capabilities. If you want a powerful device that will be able to keep up with your demands especially if you’re a traveller, this is the product you want!

Its multi functional abilities are why it is such a reliable product to have. It is definitely one of those products that you keep for long term use and its amazing blades are one reason for that. The battery and motor might be a little too strong for its own good as the vibrations are quite powerful. This may be a flaw especially if you are in experienced in that regard, however it only adds to the torque this product posesses.

Most of its target audience and reviews are interlinked with its portability as its main selling point as it includes a dual voltage capability, is extremely compact as it is tiny and lightweight and it is very sturdy in terms of quality and build. However thats not all this device has to offer as it is pretty versatile.

You will get 4 detachable heads, a beard comb to style and sort, a T Blade for those clean and crisp cuts, a power cord, a cleaning brush, a nose and ear Trimmer and a detailing trimmer. Not to mention you get blade oil for maintenance and a travel case for all that traveling we mentioned earlier.

However, here come the downsides. It takes up to 4 hours for this to charge! Even though it haa a power cord which you can use it along with, it is nicer to use it cordless and that requires quite a wait. There is also no real ergonomics in mind with this device as you see no rubber grip for better control and comfort.


  • Torque
  • Extra attachments
  • Dual voltage
  • Lightweight


  • No ergonomic design
  • Charge time too high


Wahl’s 8081

Our next product is the Wahl’s 8081 which is another one of their best sellers in the professional sphere and according to the company, should only be used by industry pros. This is a slight drawback if you’re just starting out with your beard grooming and styling adventures but in our opinion if you have some experience you can handle this gadget easily. However for experts, this is heaven as it has a super wide T Blade that can be adjusted for the closest and sharpest cuts.

Make no mistake that this device is an extremely specialized one and that’s exactly how its been engineered. Not only does it offer the best outlet for all sorts of unique and elaborate styling and details but it also comes in a very attractive package. The rotary motor that powers this device is also a great reason to buy it as you get no lag and an incredible performance. You won’t even feel that you’re not holding a full size trimmer as it is so efficient and yet smaller and more compact.

You get blade oil, a blade guard, a user’s manual, a cleaning brush and 3 attachment cutting guide combs. For the user’s convenience these are all available with the device so you don’t have to buy them separately.

You also will get an 8 foot durable charging cord which makes your job super convenient and easy.


  • Additional accessories
  • Rotary motor
  • No lag in performance


  • Especially for experts


Andis T Liner

Next we will be reviewing a product from Andis which is the Andis T Liner that comes with a super close cutting T Blade which is made from the finest carbon coated steel which makes it a hypoallergenic material that is perfect for all those users with super sensitive skin and those that are vary of allergic reactions or acne outbreaks.

This also prevents any razor induced irritation or potential cuts so you can be sure that you will receive the most comfortable treatment.

The motor is also a great selling point for this product as it is a pivot motor that heats up way less than other brands and equips the trimmer for the neatest outlines and clean ups. The claim is that the motor that powers this device us 4 times as powerful than any regular magnetic motor.

This speed and control that its motor and battery provides means that this product is one of the best when it comes to quick touch ups especially for two or three day old stubbles that are otherwise impossible to get at easily.


  • Great control
  • Powerful pivot motor
  • Hypoallergenic


  • A bit expensive


Andis Professional Styliner

Back again with another Andis product, we are looking at the Andis Professional Styliner which is most well known for its unbelievably comfortable dry shaving technology. Mostly users prefer a wet shaving experience as it is softer and more smoother without any chance of friction building up between the skin and the device’s blades.

However you don’t need to worry about any potential irritation or cuts with the Styliner as long as the blades are oiled every time it is used. Talking about the blade, this device is equipped with a state of the art steel T Blade which is perfectly designed to tackle tricker areas such as behind the ears, you neck and of course your beard.

Now, coming to the star of the show; we have the trimmer that hosts the T blade. Truly a multifunctional device, the T Blade trimmer gives the user around 7200 strokes per minute and is compatible at 120 volts. Now, that’s impressive as this means that this is a truly heavy duty device.


  • Wide T Blade
  • Comfortable dry shave
  • 7200 strokes per minute


  • Not waterproof
  • Needs maintenance


Wahl’s Bump Free

Moving on to the Wahl’s Bump Free clipper now as it was a product that we just couldn’t leave out due to its unbelievable finesse at shaping and styling.

We’re going to have to start this review off with a somewhat fatal flaw as for any individual today, a device that charges quick and gives the most output is the best. However the Bump Free takes an astonishing 8 hours to fully charge up! Yes you heard us right. And even though you would expect a longer duration, it only gives out an hour of battery time in return. An hour would have been fine to be honest if the charge time wasn’t so high!

This situation could be made better if the device came with an built in battery percentage indicator which would let the user know how soon the device needs to be charged so they can avoid frustrating experiences.

However its not all doom and gloom with this product as it fits the bill when it comes to the topic at hand. It tackles all hair types, textures and lengths without a glitch in sight. It also provides the cleanest and sharpest edges and line ups the Wahl’s range has to offer. This shaver comes with a traveling case, a foil guard, a chargerand a beard brush. The foils prevent any damaging exposure to the skin. However they need to be changed at least once every twelve months to ensure optimum usage.

The trimmer for styling and line ups is built in and pops up as needed. On a plus side, the company provides a 3 year warranty for the Bump Free Shaver which shows how much confidence they have in their device and how they care about the consumer’s advantage.


  • Foils
  • 3 year warranty
  • Extra accessories


  • 8 hour recharge time

Andis Slim line

We’ve been including a lot of Andis products in this list but that is really because the brand has quite the extensive list of products that meet the same criteria which is great as it offers the user with many options.

From a design point of view, the device may not be the prettiest but it is definitely one of the sturdiest as it is made of an ABS polymer that has been finished off with a metal finish that makes it super corrosion and impact resistant.

The product itself has a very ergonomic build and design which basically means that not only can you maneuver this device around to get the best control and shaping out of it but you can also get a good wholesome grip on it which lets you shape and style as you like. Since it is for professionals, they are aware how fidgety clients get when you take a long time to work around their faces so getting the job done quicker means everyone wins.

The rotary motor that powers this device gives up around 6000 strokes per minute and are known to be even more powerful than electromagnetic ones and it’s super sharp carbon coated steel blades only aid that process for the finest lines and fading.

The battery on this device is by far our absolute favourite one as it lasts for up to 2 hours! Although for a professional set up we would like as much as 4 hours on a minimum, 2 hours of continuous usage is not too shabby. This is in part due to its super power lithium ion battery and if incase you want to give it a quick charge in between products, just place it on its handy charging dock.


  • 2 hours of charge
  • Abs polymer
  • Ergonomic
  • Powerful motor


  • Could be wet and dry


Andis Professional Barber Combo

Our last product for the day is the Andis Professional Barber Combo which as the name suggests is exclusively for professionals who have to meet the demand of countless customers that come in day after day to get the latest styles and designs. In order to keep up with the markets and fashion latest trends, having the Barber Combo from Andis is a good idea!

It has dual functionality when it comes to hair clipping and cutting as it works as well on wet hair as it would on dry. This means that the user and the consumer has the option to opt for a more comfortable experience via a luxurious lather on their face.

The motor in this device is super quiet which is great in a professional environment where you have to effectively communicate with your customers and colleagues. The device is built to be used for longer periods of time which is why it won’t heat up quick.

It is also equipped with an automatic adjustment lever that shifts the clipper blade settings from one texture to another with ease. The style and build of the device is also ergonomic in nature as it is super compact and lightweight so that its a perfect fit for your hands. Even if you use the product for extended periods of time as most professionals do, you will be at ease.


  • Adjustable lever
  • Cool and quiet
  • Dual functions


  • For professional use only

That’s its from our side. We hope that we have laid out a detailed and informative list for you to pick and choose what product suits your needs best. Afterall, as most of these tools are for professionals who do shading, fading and line ups for a living, you can never have enough shavers and clippers. Now can you?

In conclusion, we feel that no matter what product you purchase in the end, you will have to deal with shortcomings as no device is perfect and that’s why you need a whole range of products for your use. From shavers to trimmers to even special detailers, a professional can never have too many devices. We hope that you will stay tuned for more such informative reviews in the future!