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if this enlightened zoom in anyway today we’re looking at it’s the Norseman beard balm the fields of asgard scent and usually with reviews like this I kind of beat around the bush a little bit it’s a good thing I countered with a bad thing it goes back and forth and you go so you’re neutral on it today I’m gonna say something outrageously

Best Smelling Beard Balm

positive right off the bat and that is that the scent is absolutely impeccable I am from the very first moments I messaged Terry the owner of the company after we did our group in boxing and just you know telling him about the scent the scent alone that’s what I kind of remarked on just such a nice amazing sense so the scent is a .

Bergamo vanilla lemongrass and eucalyptus blend essentially the bergamot was the first ingredients in the sense and then it comes in the vanilla and in the lemongrass the eucalyptus personally I smell the lemongrass you know to the highest degree it’s a very lemongrass dominant scent in my opinion the vanilla comes through nice and .

good definitely very very sweet with that nice creaminess with the vanilla coming through my god it’s impeccable I haven’t been this impressed with the sense since Kingsman Holy Grail beard oil that’s the other scent that really blew me away this is the second one that has really really blown me away so theory and so Terry you know great .

job on you know blending this particular sense I am very very impressed let’s get into you know the texture and stuff like that so initially try to get this stuff out of the tin is little difficult it’s pretty tough but once you get it out it’s actually quite soft here let me and it kind of breaks down in a very granular fashion you can see you know it’s .

it’s not creamy per se you know it has little grains within it I like use my palms makes it a little easier so it breaks down pretty good you know if you were here in this room you would see that there’s a nice slick you know clear .

coat of oily goodness on my hands right now and to take off my ring and the way I kind of like to use this particular bomb I’m gonna put a little more in my hands as just work everything up just with my current beard styled right now this is kind of what I like to do I like to work everything up just a little bit I’ll go down to the skin .

too much good do the bus – is it a nice a little bit of hold look at that this whole it just comes down in a nice little shape I have a lot of secrets and stuff in the corners right now but it’s just cuz I haven’t had to trim and literally a freaking year so there you go everything is stuck down there in terms of my beard right now with that kind of a .

louse for this puffed out shape to kind of maintain itself I’ve been using it for that purpose I was rocking a vast Ranger beard style I would just be working I would just be teaming the flyaways you know on the science like nap the hold of this product is not absolutely impeccable but what I do like about it is it does not D style my beard .

there’s a lot of moms out there that are on the creamier side just with my beard hair personally it D styles my beard so I style my beard I put the bomb in and it makes it worse because it’s just creamy and it makes my beard wet essentially and it’s you know accentuates waves that I don’t want to accentuate this has a perfect amount of accident I it’s not creamy particularly I think perhaps I would prefer there was a little more wax a little more .

beeswax in it too you know just give a little more of a waxy feel to it but then of course then it wouldn’t be a bomb let’s put it that way and my main complaint about this product is the branding I believe that’s Terry is going to be .

changing the labels quite soon and looking forward to how he’s going to be doing that but it’s very very clear that the graphic design on the tin is not particularly impressive and that’s ok he’s a very very new company and it’s totally understandable as to you know hey I can’t I can’t hire a graphic designer right now I’m just gonna do it .

myself quickly throw it together you know the final note me and the beard trend reviewers are reviewing a good portion of the products from the horsemen so you want to check out reviews on their wash their Co wash their oil .things of that nature go check out the playlist it depend comments throughout this week we’re gonna be adding more and more reviews to that and we’re also gonna be doing the live stream that’s 8 p.m. Eastern on the 26 .

hopefully we’re good to be able to get you some you know give away some things hopefully we’re gonna be able to get you a little discount code usually it’s around 3% so hopefully you join us for that no promises on this one yet .

Terry was very very gracious to step in at the last moment one of our companies dropped out of the review cycle and he was ever so gracious to step in for us so we’re not very sure in terms of what we’re gonna be giving away what kind of discount codes but it’s good.