Best Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo

Best Sulfate Free Clarifying ShampooLooking for the Best Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo? You’ve come to the right place

I have not highlighted my hair in eight months so I’m getting little porosity roots um low to medium and I was getting serious buildup on my roots and an itchy scalp and things that can cause buildup and itchy scalp are things

Best Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo

like shea butter and product build-up and hard water and if you only Kalash you can get just like only flat roots and it doesn’t look good and somebody is going to be telling you oh no on the co wash on the co wash but you need. 

to listen to your body and what your body is telling you if it is on fire Aichi that is some serious but let me need to take care of that because some people don’t and their hair falls out because what happens is your hair gets clogged. 

in the fall cool or the hair grows from and when it’s clogged it can’t breathe so it’s itchy so it’s telling you you know I need to be cleanse I need this stuff to come out and you know people can lose hair if they don’t get that clean and. 

one thing when I was co washing all the time my hair was not growing as fast as now that when I’m using a sulphate friend shampoo I have less buildup so you can see in eight months it’s grown what is this how many .

inches is that I don’t know at least six six or eight inches okay so that’s pretty good growth so I was not getting that much growth when I was only co-washing so another thing is I was using so much shea butter and so much shameless sure I was getting a ton of buildup and now I can’t use that much and even the preservatives in Shea .

Moisture some of the natural products like shea moisture or you know some of the products for natural hair they some people have a reaction to them so I have not been able to use Shea Moisture products in general as much because I was getting an itchy scalp so even the sulfate free shampoos that they have I couldn’t use them as much because my hair my scalp was getting really sensitive to it um they’re good products and I still use the shampoos .

but I just don’t use it as much so I’m just telling you so you can know what to look for in troubleshooting with a curly girl method because I don’t want anyone to have to suffer or those hair because they don’t know okay and .

also see you can know what product to pick for your hair type so um the I’m gonna start with my favorite ones that are the most clarifying to the least care clarifying the first one is iron hard water shampoo from Sally’s um it does .

have milder sulfates in it but if you have hard water occasional and use of this is great hard water can cause dry curls and frizz and you need to get that out and I probably before when I had high porosity roots I would have probably thought this was really drying but for me now with a new growth I don’t find it drying it all but you’re just going to have to try it for yourself and you know that’s too drying maybe you could dilute it or something but .

um the next one is Shea Moisture from the professional line it’s the clear start shampoo and this one it doesn’t have any sulfates and it’s very it’s very clarifying feeling but it has moisturizing stuff in it like shea butter and .

glycerin and gentle cleansers so it’s going to get it clean it’s gonna these both are going to get silicones out like if you’re starting the curly girl method and you want something that’s not a sulfate or if you want to clarify once a month and you don’t want to have to use a sulfate or a diluted sulfate these could be good options for you just you. 

know be aware that some people get itchy scalp of this or even the shea butter in this shampoo could waste some wavy hair down I know a girl with wavy hair that uses it and loves it it doesn’t have an issue and it it’s more it’s .

like a to be low porosity um so you know it should be fine for most people um this one my husband used the home fair bottle because he had dandruff and everything was freaking his scalp out all he’d use was head and shoulders and this one he used in his standard fun way and it doesn’t have any silicones it’s paraben free very natural it’s the. 

SU cucumbers color protect um I thought it was very gentle it’s not super clarifying or anything um oh yeah I forgot to say this one’s more clarifying okay so this is the third most clarifying one um the kinky curly come clean I’ve used it twice um wish it was a bigger bottle for the price but they has the cleanser in it is um often sulfonate .

and cook amino propyl baking so you get all this little comes out for you and be very gentle it has natural ingredients in it we’ll bar orange fruit miracle flower stuff like that so it’s very gentle I don’t find it stripping at all .

but it just cleans my scalp really well some people find it really drying I don’t but you got to do what works for you okay so the next most clear bag one is this maple hook Cola sticks argan oil one and it has no sulfates it’s very gentle it has natural ingredients I did a review on it I’ll link it in the description box um it smells good and it .

cleanses well and then the next most clarifying was the Shea Moisture curl and shine shampoo and then the most moisturizing one is the shea butter rosh shea butter moisture retention shampoo um all of Shame oyster shampoos seem very similar to me except for this one is really clarifying the clear short one but all the other ones that I’ve tried I’ve tried like the two he should know me in these they all seem very similar on me as far as how .

gentle they are you just got to look at what the ingredients are and what you think is going to work on your hair so if you have a lot of damage you might want to get the th and no anyone because it has protein in it this one has so protein and neem oil and coconut oil so if your hair likes protein it might like this but also has a lot of hydration it. 

or honestly just go for the smell but the most moisturizing one was the raw shea butter one and my husband he has used up this entire thing as well because the other ones I was having him use in the dead of winter he needed .

something even more moisturizing and this one was excellent for him and it’s so gentle if you’re scared of using anything to strip your hair and you only co wash this is not going to be scary this I’m a stripper here so the only .

thing is some low porosity people have told me you know they can’t use Shea Moisture cuz the shea butter and you know it left a coded feeling um and they liked they actually liked the kinky curly come clean so if you’re a little porosity you’re going to need something a little more clarifying if you’re higher porosity you’re going to want .

something more moisturizing if your way wavy hair you’re going to want something more clarifying the lot of wavy people like this one it’s gentle but it cleans it’s not overly drying if you have wavy hair but my favorite ones are so far I really like this one I’ve only used it twice and use too much so I don’t like that but I like this one too I want the kinky curly one and I really like the raw shea butter one is very moisturizing and I liked this one but it I .

mean this one it’s good but it doesn’t even smell that good or anything special about it but yeah those are my favorites so I hope you liked this video hope it helps you and honestly you just got to figure out what shampoo is .

gonna meet your needs I use the shampoo depending on what my hair needs does it really have a buildup on it is it fine in the winter do I just need moisture you know is it I’m at the pool.