Best Toenail Clipper For Seniors

Best Toenail Clipper For SeniorsLooking for the Best Toenail Clipper For Seniors? You’ve come to the right place

given so many good ideas and so many great things to work on in the future and I can’t wait to start introducing them so we fast forwarded some of this treatment because we didn’t want to bore you with all the same stuff that

Best Toenail Clipper For Seniors

we’ve shown you in the past and what we really wanted to highlight today was an auto coccyx or a thick toenail so as you can see the left hand likes with the left big toe is an auto coccyx toenail and you can see even with our our .

wire cutters it’s very very hard to get through that toenail I’m joking about the wire cutters they’re just the nail nippers but when a nail is this thick and it hasn’t been trimmed for well over two years you can see that it can get quite thick and be so hard to trim through you have to be very careful because this surrounding or tissue can be .

quite friable or easy to bleed and you don’t want to cut it and the other thing is the tissue underneath the nail you don’t want you want to make sure that you’re not trimming any of that so what you can see is what I’m doing here is I’m going in with my blacks file to reduce some of the tissue and to clean out all the annika Phocis what this .

allows me to do is that I can see where the nail ends and where the lifted nail is and you can see how much debris is in this nail right here so again this isn’t hurting the patient or anything because that nail is all loose so you can see there where I showing it I have a nice loose nail there so now I can go in and actually trim that toenail so you .

can see here I’m going in trimming the toenail I don’t want to be too too aggressive because what I can’t do with the nail nipper I’ll be able to do with the file and you’ll see me do that kind of later on with the drill but here you can see that I’m trying to take off as much as I can with the nail nipper to make my job easier with the drill and .

reduce all of that lifted toenail so you see that I am going down the sides this is not necessarily like it we do mention cuts straight across this is not necessarily gonna create and it definitely isn’t gonna create an ingrown because what’s happening is we’re just taking off all of that loose tissue okay so here you can see I’ve started to file. 

the nail so I filed it with the the smaller bird before and then this is my gold bird is my really good bur this nail this bird is i joking and say like a saw blade it’s really really sharp and what it does is it can take off a lot more nail it be extremely careful when using it because it is so sharp so the diagnosis of this toenail is an auto coccyx nail .

what is a non-toxic nail a non-toxic nail is a nail disorder that causes toenails to become thick over time over time the nail may become curled it may go a whitey color or may go yellow color in this case the nail is actually taking .

on a darker kind of brown color the nail can become so thick that it separates from the nail bed and you can see when my black spot goes under and I get all that on a Coco set it has separated and it can mask that of a fungal toenail it looks like onychomycosis because of the thick and the discoloration of the nail when really it’s trauma that causes the nail to change that way so in this case it was it the nail had become damaged and then it’s because .

left untreated and it’s gotten worse and worse with time and it’s led to this thick on a coccyx nail and again it hasn’t been trimmed in probably two to three years this condition is more common in older adults as you get older. 

you are more likely to experience this condition and then you can see I switch to my smaller burr here so is the smaller birds gonna help me finish off to the debriding with the nail file and a bigger bird allowed me to take much more more off so again you can see how thick that nail was at the beginning and how much we were able to .

take off so I’m being I’m moving fast and trying to get all the tissue here and you can see now and we kind of slowed down the video just how much of that nail is coming off and then what I’ll do is again I’ll use my blacks pile. 

to go in and see where all the loose nail is cleaning up some more of that Annika Phocis because now that lifted nail is is allowed it to become more free and we can take more of it off so again with the blacks pile it is nice to .

have something that can clean all of this tissue and when we’re done you’ll actually see the cavities of where the annika Phocis and the nail was kind of building up and then in causing indentations in the skin so unfortunately this nail has been damaged and it will grow back thick however with routine treatments you can keep it at a .

relatively good thickness in here what I’m doing is I’m grabbing my nail nippers just to clean up some of that tissue some of it’s still adhered to the nail and what I’m using is I’m just using the tip of the the nippers to clean off a lot of that tissue and you can see how much I can get off by using that again this is I mean it technique ranges. 

have to be careful because you don’t want to hit any of the skin so that’s also why we will divide the nail with the nail file or with the burr so that we can expose this and then we can easily get at it what this does to is in the corners there’s not so much pressure there because that nail gets so thick it causes so much indentation on the skin that it causes so much pressure and it actually hurts the patient so here we’re actually we’re cleaning all of .

that debris up and you can see that I’m getting even more out of both sides more than I could with my blacks file so you know I like to switch my approach when I do I am using the nails but or the nail nippers and it’s just to .

allows me to get some better angles so you’ll see see me switch to four and Griffin into a backhand grip and again I’ll kind of go back and forth using a blacks pile the Burr and the nail nippers just to make sure that everything gets clean and so you can see at the base there there’s just that annika fossa so we’re just kind of cleaning up some. 

of that dead skin and really finishing off this nail is gonna feel much much better for the patient so you got to move fast with the bird again you don’t want to cause any increase in temperature for the patient to feel pain but you can see there how we can kind of clean that nail nice and so we’re just kind of finishing at doing our finishing touches here again this nail was it probably has been trimmed in approximately two if not more three years so .

we’re just finishing it to take all of that pressure off of the toe and you can see how uncomfortable that would be in the in a shoe so I’ve done I finished everything now and what I’m doing is I’m just cleaning the foot with some .

alcohol make sure everything is nice and clean try and kill any debris that might or any bacteria or microbes that might be there and you can see that that nail is you can see it’s finished looking you can see where the nail was .

applying all of that pressure and how much pain that would have been for the patient so it’s gonna feel so much better for the patient luckily you can also notice that she just has it on the the patient just has it on the left big toe .

so luckily it’s not both big toe nails her skin is quite dry so I am just putting some moisturizer yeah and when your nails that thick it’s hard to cut right give your baby a kiss from me I definitely will I can’t wait to see the picture it makes it harder and harder to stay at work all right you need help with your cane no you’re good okay really good to see you have a good thing.