Best Toenail Clippers For Thick Nails

Best Toenail Clippers For Thick NailsLooking for the Best Toenail Clippers For Thick Nails? You’ve come to the right place

hick nail clipper I’ve got really thick nails my fingernails my toenails very thick and most nail clippers that I buy on the store just rip the nails apart normally I just use 30 $40 or wire cutters really good quality wire cutters that

Best Toenail Clippers For Thick Nails

are and maybe sometimes 50 $60 $70 wire cutters they’re made to cut wire without leaving a Knick so what does this say here sharp and clean cut unique organ ah mukhda zine ideal for thick nails premium stainless steel and it’s the same thing after that I was it’s a keep out of reach of children okay I don’t know why they put that on there. 

okay so let’s get the stuff out of the way you like my videos do a thumbs up a subscribe or a like if you don’t like them do a thumbs up a subscribe or a like there’s a product you want me to really you if I can get a hold of it onto .

the review if you like my videos you want to donate to my channel ask for my PayPal info all right so we got all the important stuff out of the way so that I can keep making all these good videos so my videos really honest if I buy .

something I don’t like a product I sent it right back I don’t have patience for something that’s not good so what do we have we get a really nice is this metal or plastic I don’t know what this is this is a screw on top I have no idea how this thing works oh my god okay how does this thing come off okay so it’s a cap very nice very nice little .

holder probably will never need it it’s plastic so it’s not metal so they didn’t spend a lot of money on that really nice holder this is a this feels really good good material I don’t know if I’m gonna like this or not I read some .

reviews and said this thing is extremely sharp and a lot of people said they could not get used to it and a lot of people said they loved it now I’m opening this up for the first time there were many reviews people said this didn’t come in the package that came in the package for me it’s a nail file so if your package didn’t have the nail file then .

well that’s a really neat move it’s kind of I’m not gonna say it’s rough this is a this is not a cheapy nail file over here this is you can feel that rubbing against the fingerprints this is nice good quality I’m happy with this so far it feels a little small but you know it really isn’t because when you’re holding something like this that’s good you really want to have a nail file that’s good so you can get in under the nail even if you have great cutters you something .

you want to get in under the nail a lot of times and cut it this has got a really thick Ridge around it or a wide ridge so it’s kind of hard to get into the edge and grab the nail like I would like like I could do with an emery board but it. 

would do really good on the front and when you cut you usually want to go down like that to smooth things out so let’s look and see what this thing is all about okay this is totally different than your standard nail clipper let me get a standard nail clipper don’t want to show any brand names on there okay so this is what a normal nail clipper .

looks like like yes you get your file over there so this is what a standard nail clip out almost clipped off my finger okay so that’s what a standard nail clipper looks like that’s what we’re all used to in the US I don’t know about .

Europe so this is completely different this is totally different I don’t know how this is gonna work this is a huge this is really big okay over here this is a finger nail clipper on the left this is also finger nail clipper I mean a toenail clipper they’re both toenail clippers this is really white I don’t know how this is going to do on fingers it’s not .

made for fingers but I bought it for fingers and toenails so let’s check it out let’s zoom in a little bit I play the guitar or I try to play the guitar and you can see how bad my nails get trimmed because okay I’m gonna zoom in really .

close as you look at it I use a file and I use cutters but you can see how it’s just not perfectly even look you look over here it’s kind of bumpy it’s bumpy over there so the only way to get these really smooth is I have to put on .

magnifiers and look really close very closely as I try to file at the smooth it so it looks round and I don’t have the time for that so this is what it looks like on the Left I just trim these I just cut these a couple days ago with wire cutters and you know keep your comments to yourself I’m trying to do the videos so that’s why I let the nail grow a. 

little bit long but this is for a guitar player that is doing any guitar playing this is too long for people that don’t play guitar you’re not going to really understand this this nail is definitely too long this nail is and the way you can tell is I just try to play the guitar and this little area right over here that stops me from let’s loop over there if I can .

that’s this nail gets in the way when I try to press down on the fretboard to do my notes so that’s why I’m going to do the video right now and see how this comes out this nail not so bad it’s uh it could be a little better but you gotta be really careful because when you start trimming it back too far then you start breaking away I forget what .

the name of that thing is it breaks away the nail from the cuticle and it just hurts this everybody wants to have their law there’s small finger nails longer and because we need to I’m not going to go into why but we always need. 

that little pinky nail a little bit longer so this definitely needs to be trimmed and that’s what we’re going to test out the counter this is where a lot of people complain when you play guitar you can see over here I just snapped that .

nail off while I was doing some tree trimming yesterday this nail is long and it’s not perfectly even this nail is too long and but okay now this is where the catches this nail was too long but not this nail is not perfectly even you can see how it’s cut over there and then it gets too long this nail and you’re going to look at this and you’re gonna .

say that nail is too long this nail because I trimmed it I cut it down I can’t do the finger picking my guitar so when you see people that have short nails on one hand and longer nails on the other hand I need these for guitar picking. 

for finger picking on the guitar this is a lot of people in my videos say why don’t you trim your nails well if I trim my nails and then like over here I can’t I can’t do finger picking on here at all for probably two or three weeks to .

about a couple weeks till this nail grows in I can’t do the picking with the thumb over here because the nail is not long enough to really catch on the string so I might just trim all these nails with the cutter and see what it looks .

like see what it comes out to so here we go I’ve never used a nail clipper like this before it has a spring in there a lot of people were asking in comments about the spring some people liked it some people didn’t some people .

thought it was too strong other people thought it was too weak you know that’s just how it is with videos so this is not again made for you can see how huge this thing is this is not made for nails for finger nails I don’t think but .

it’s still a clipper so let’s test it out and see what we get well that is sharp world that is firm it’s kind of awkward to do this because I am wearing magnifiers right now as I do the video wow these are sharp man now I see why they have the comment there about keep this away from kids these are really sharp and as I press down on it that’s .

what it is is that squeeze hit maybe that’s what that means it’s no no okay so it’s a little awkward because normally you go over here and you just pop the thing in there and you get it in for the cutter like that and you cut it and it .

moves your nails I’m gonna zoom in as best I can that is when they look at my magnifiers and wow that is a beautiful cut it didn’t chip the nail so what I’m doing is on okay so I didn’t notice that this piece will fold in to give. 

you the spring action so I’m wearing magnifier so I can see really closely what I’m doing is I’m looking through a camera you find her this is really neat I’m keeping these yeah again I saw lots of people that weren’t happy I saw a lot of people that were happy so let me trim one more cap then I’m gonna go do this without the camera so V here. 

is the critical one I was not able to bottom down on the fretboard to do my note but my cord cleanly sorry about my fingers and the cuticles being all chipped up so that little overhang over there that stopped me from getting .

down on the fretboard so I’m gonna trim this off and see what it looks like I just trimmed all of them on the left these things are great they really do a good job of cutting your nails short now there were some people that .

complain they said they couldn’t cut it it got in the way I don’t know what this little fingertip piece is called technically but what I noticed is if you just go in there with these Clippers like you normally went with a ring of the Clipper and start to clip with your nail you’re gonna grab a chunk of your finger in there because that were used to the regular style Clippers that are not sharp like this so what I ended up doing is I took the Clipper and .

pressed against the tip of the finger to push the skin in to push the finger in so I was able to get the cutter underneath the nail we’ve got just a little bit in there I’ll be able to play the guitar really good with these let’s you can see how I’m pushing in but look how short I can get this you know the thing that really is shocking to me is .

how nice how nice and smooth my fingernail is rubbing against that now when I use these things my nails just get all chewed up and ripped up and split and so on this I trim that one a little did I trim that one yeah it turned out a little bit so what I’m looking underneath I don’t really see any let’s look over there I don’t these nails are so short .

now but I don’t see any gunk under there like it would be like this over here like that the nail would be ripped up so I’m going to test out the file now to see it’s a good file a little bit different than use on an emery board but this is. 

a good product I’m not going to be able to like I said I want to play the guitar side gonna leave this thing along because that’s already been cut way way way too short and it hurts from breaking it off on a tree this one I .

trimmed it a little bit this one I’m going to leave it alone till it gets longer this one I’ll let it get longer and then i’ll even an out this one I need this to grow back a little for my guitar playing so now I’m gonna try the toenails .

because that’s what this is made for and I already cut them pretty short a couple days ago using wire cutters so there’s not really much I can cut but I want to try to do well though these are way too four I don’t want to cause myself problems these are way too far let me check the other foot by making a video like this where you get your .

foot up on a bathroom counter and you’re trying to see your toenails through a viewfinder those are all pretty nice so I don’t really need to cut them that’s way too for it that’s too short I want to try to do one only let me get it over .

here it’s definitely too short as it is well let’s try this out on the toenails I know as far as the fingernails I love these things they’re really nice here’s the same thing again you’ve gotta you you have to press the thing on the bottom to get the skin out of the way because of the wide angle of this and the depth of this so if you just go in there and you. 

clamp down you’re gonna hit the skin and you’re gonna go ouchy ouchy yeah I just felt it over there but if you take you can even take the finger pull the skin down a little bit these things are so sharp alright that’s all I can say is this is a good product I forget what I paid for it but when I buy something that is good and that works I’m not too .

worried about what I pay for it yes I think that’s s Z H what can I say an SC qht thick nail clipper toenail clipper set gray that’s right I think it came in gray and I can’t remember the other color I don’t know if it was black or our who knows this is a really neat product this is a good product this thing works and ok as I was saying the reason I .

decided to do the video is because I couldn’t play the guitar I couldn’t get the finger and to bottom out and do my cord and so now that I did this I’m gonna test this thing out let’s get a picture of this thing this is a good nail this is. 

a good toenail clipper and it worked very nicely on my fingers and that’s also what I like you just have to be a little careful using it to get this stuff out of the way so the clipper can get underneath the nail let’s test out the guitar oh ok sitting here on the floor and there’s the dog come on say hello I love this girl oh I just love you don’t knock over. 

the camera she just wants to be in every single video that I record I swear every video ok and she loves the guitar so the reason I did this was to see if I could do my chords and this is why I do it because of this beautiful little lady.that I rescued 15 months ago that just wants to be in every video that I do okay hi there okay yeah she did not. 

want to walk away so I wasn’t able to do my cords because my nails were too long so let’s try we’ve got three strings that are covered now [Music] I could not be happier this whereas it only get it off the bathroom count Wow. 

oh the blade just went right against my finger ouch yeah you definitely need to be careful with these things but god they’re a great product there it is a guy did subside down what is it s the Q H key toenail clipper bought it on .

the big a batteries were running out on this camera really fast so this is an awesome toenail clipper and really good for finger nails again look at how short it was able to trim these so for people that don’t play guitar still a great product it’s gonna cut your nails short if you are looking for a little bit of a width thickness to it enough .

thickness on length to it you just have to be really careful again I’m wearing magnifiers right now I’m wearing a visor type thing over here so I can see what I’m doing plus see on the camera but that’s what I did so I could get really close and see what was going on [Music] and if you play the guitar hold on a minute if you play the guitar .

you really need your nails short I just put on the zoom magnifier and cut them even shorter and push the finger back a little bit got right under the nail these things are short now we should notice a much better sound with my .

chords because the nails are out of the way see how clean and crisp that is [Music] awesome product definitely recommended and that is going to be the end of my video again please do a thumbs up and subscribe donate to my channel help me out I buy this stuff to do reviews to help everybody out.