Best Travel Hair Dryer For Europe

Best Travel Hair Dryer For EuropeLooking for the Best Travel Hair Dryer For Europe? You’ve come to the right place

between an adapter and a converter I miss this up big time the first time I traveled my cheese straightener common fire there was smoke my hair stuck up straight for a week it was a disaster okay so let me show you an adapter simple this is a US plug this however we’re in Ireland this is the shape of a plug here obviously this outlet

Best Travel Hair Dryer For Europe

will not fit this plug an adapter simply changes the shape for you here’s an adapter that I have and it actually works for several different countries I switch it to the Ireland setting plug it in then I can slide my device into this table so an adapter helps adapt the shape from one plug to an electrical outlet there’s a second thing you have to .

watch out for though and that’s kind of version a converters a little bit different it actually changes the wattage of the voltage of an electrical appliance now I can look at this this is a travel smart hairdryer that I bought specifically for traveling if you bring an electric device overseas you need to make sure the voltage setting will .

work for overseas now anything like an iPhone that should automatically work and be compatible several things though like the straight ground socket outer there did not work at all in the u.s. we run things on 120-125 and over. 

here it’s 250 so you’re pumping like twice the amount of electricity into your head and your hair straightener or whatever device it is that could be a mess so if you look at this this one has a 250 setting like in 3 now this travel dryer actually have the option to put it on an American setting as well let’s see what happens when we do that so I 

haven’t plugged in but I have it on the 125 voltage which is what we use in America so let’s see what happens if running an American voltage oh I just blew my hairdryer that’s great so my hair will be dry naturally for this trip .

apparently that’s fantastic it’s actually smoking I don’t know if you can see that so that’s what happens when you have an adapter but you don’t have it on the right settings or you don’t have a converter when you need it so here’s 

what you do you check and make sure that your electronic device will work overseas it’s compatible you can read on the device the voltage range it will work for make sure it will work overseas if it doesn’t you need to buy a .

converter similar to this little plug into the wall and change the voltage settings for you that’s fantastic I just fried