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if you guys aren’t subscribe to our Channel please first of all you guys need to subscribe to our Channel I’ve already been here for two years and I know a lot of you guys are watching and you’re not even subscribe I invite you guys to subscribe your day so that you guys can join the Big Al’s barbershop team okay we’re gonna be

Best Wahl’s Beard Trimmer

dropping a lot of tutorials a lot of different videos coming up in the year 2020 so I invite you guys to join us right now what we are discussing today guys is gonna be the best bathing machines of 2019 now guys these are machines that I extensively used throughout the years past and present and what I’m using now currently at the .

moment ok guys so I put a series of seven machines together with one missing because I don’t have it here and I don’t have my five-star wall 5-star machine is the one that’s missing is cordless one guys is by far one of my .

favorite machines but uh as I said you guys can see right now I’m gonna show you guys I’m gonna show you the my favorite machines of the of 2019 and then I’m gonna discuss with you what I’m picking for you to be the the best machine for 2019 guys and the Machine really and reality that I I encourage you guys to buy it because in .

reality it is the best machine for fading machines that I’ve left out guys that you might not you guys might not you guys will notice and there aren’t on there is that I am leaving the fast feet out because I’m not a fast feet guy I’ve never been a fast food guy and I’m also leaving the masters out of it masters because I’m not a masters guy I’ve .

tried masters like I’ve had two masters in my life in and for me they just didn’t click so that’s why I’m not even moving on to the cordless masters I know some of some of you guys on my channel have requested for me to get it and try it out but I don’t think I’ll be trying it out guys unless and these hands me wanted tells me to try it all and .

they wanted to test it I don’t think I’m gonna be spending my money on it because I’m just not these masters kind of guy so let’s move on to this move on to intro of our video right here and I’m gonna explain every single machine to you guys so you guys can see what I’m talking about all right guys check this out so guys these are the these are .

the seven machines that I recommend if you’re going to learn how to fade or you’re learning how to fade or you wanna learn how to say it or you’re learning thinking of investing in these machines uh the only one that’s not .

here that I have also besides this that I use a lot is mine is my black senior cordless but I sent it out because I needed to switch on him so I don’t have that here with me right now but other than that guys these are the latest .

machines either the machine that you’re gonna want to purchase when you’re thinking about learning how to fade guys now these three right here are all corded machines right here which are less expensive than cordless .

machines this is the latest innovations these are the newest machines these are the machines that most people want to use nowadays because they’re cordless but guys when it comes to money comes a situation where you .

don’t have the money to purchase these then you go with these because you got to remember these are twice as much as these let’s start off with my favorite machine right all-time all-time favorite machine guys is a is a wall .

senior guys wall senior you can never go wrong with the wall senior this is a beast of a machine this is a great machine to learn how to fade with it has a retractable blade that goes up and down adjust as this machine you can zero gap it which is super important when you’re learning how to fade guys basically guys these three machines .

are the same they’re just different versions they might have a little bit different motor in them but basically they’re all the same this is the wall senior the one hundred eight hundred year edition this is a special wall is called a zero. 

gap senior that came out maybe a year and a half ago this is the one I use right here but any of these three machines man you can never go wrong with guys never go wrong and the least expensive of these three is this one. 

right here which is actually the best one so if you don’t have the money to invest and a lot of and to get these other cordless machines then I would recommend with golden corded because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with corded now we’ll move on to the cordless machines this is the new fabulous gold effect I have two of these you know what for awhile I was using this a lot I was really in love with this machine but you know that bothers me .

man that bothers me that sound and these machines are so loud and let me tell you something else guys something that you might not know this machine and this machine have rotary motors rotary motors are motor that spins around like a little needle touches to the blade and it makes it go back and forth it’s gotta be something .

wrong with it one of my buddies are what am i my subs told me to send it back there’s something definitely wrong with it but that’s the 1919 also super loud for me now guys that I don’t even like using those machines in the last few weeks that I haven’t even been using them because they just irritate me so much these are roller era motors .

these are magnetic motors guys magnetic motor is a motor that has magnets and it just attaches and you know I mean makes it a lot lot lot lower sound this is a caliber 357 I haven’t dropped my review on and this it’s gonna be .

coming up pretty soon but this is a new revolutionary machine super light which is not something I’m not a fan of you can hear this is a magnetic motor not a rotary motor so therefore it makes it a lot quieter than the other this .

one was kind of cool about this one is this one has a on your handle it has clicks which some barbers find it very very annoying I mean myself I like to know where I’m at I like to know if I went too far I went on my mom .

sometimes when I’m moving when I’m painting our book two clicks instead of one click and that tells me that I’m doing it wrong so I gotta remember what I’m doing what I’m doing this one is a magic click the magic clip basically how to say motor is out what it’s a magnetic motor which makes it a lot quieter the only drawback with .

magnetic motors guys is they don’t they don’t feel powerful enough like you see these two machines in they just don’t seem possible for for the for the what we’re doing here guys so that’s my that’s my Crouch on those two machines I just think they need to be a little bit more different so there’s the explanation on all the the best fading. 

machines guys know now I’m gonna give you guys my best best favourite of all these machines that I use more regular than any other machine guys this is my honest opinion if you guys want to save some money save some .

time think some you know I mean if you’re just starting off definitely you go with this choice but this is the best machine right here guys this room right here a corded corded if you want to go with the quarters go with the cordless I have the coordinates also the cordilla so I’ve used it extensively for the last year and a half of course it’s .

awesome being away from the cord but in the long run guys this machine will last you twice as long this machine could ask you a lifetime if you take care of it I mean nowadays are really not made for their lifetime anymore they used to be made way better than they are now but this still were the best machine guys I’ll always go with a senior. 

before anything else and this machine right here only reach out for like maybe 75 you get it for 60 bucks sometimes wrong and this one’s you know he’ll be for you the best cordless machine of my favorite is probably the 1919 guys this is 1990s a piece guillotine ridiculous I’m gonna take up one of my subscribers told me to send it .

back and that they definitely will fix it for me I think I’m gonna have to because this is ridiculous III don’t see why it should sound like that I mean it’s still running still runs a Toby’s but those are my those are my two favorite fading machines as of right now you guys have been seeing me use this one extensively lately but I’m not too sure .

about this one yet to me this one right here I’ve been charging it that sounds stronger this one sounds weak this is brand new this is already a couple years old this does still sound stronger than this one this is how like it’s gonna run out of power at any moment so I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see what was the final finale on the three cal caliber. 

357 is a review is gonna be coming out in the next few weeks but as of right now for 1919 guys my favorite machine is this is always and it has been for almost I’ve been a barber for 18 years guys in a wall senior is always still my .

favorite fading machine over any other fading machine over the masters over the the the Oscar a fast feyza there’s no comparison to me the wall senior blacks five-star is by far the best machine out there and i would recommend it to anybody especially if you’re learning and you’re looking to save money you want to get yourself a nice tool kit you know that’s probably the best machine to go go with because for the money wise and for what it does and for .

how long and lasts the durability the way it performs you can’t go wrong with that machine but that’s it for this episode guys so the best machine for 2019 for me is gonna be the senior black star the the 5 star senior 5 star senior the black one guys keep that in mind with that being.