Can You Flat Iron A Synthetic Wig

Can You Flat Iron A Synthetic WigLooking for the Can You Flat Iron A Synthetic Wig? You’ve come to the right place

okay I’m going to show you how I flat iron my wigs and I do this so all my wigs when I fly on my waist I just put some conditioner inside this bottle with some hot water shake it up really good and this is what I use to like get

Can You Flat Iron A Synthetic Wig

my hair straight when it comes to flat iron in my synthetic wig so this is what I use I’m conditioner in water don’t have to be hot or die just like hot waters me out and I use my flat iron I have my flying temperature on for 19 show. 

you I’m gonna take this full away and make it straight okay I think I’m going to just I’m gonna start in the back don’t mind my little edges and all that good stuff because I know I just want to say really quickly um thank you guys for supporting me and subscribing to my youtube channel because I made a post on my Instagram and also .I

made a post on um basically like a page for black women that do camera makeup and all that stuff and yeah I’ve really been holding me down and just subscribing so thank you I really appreciate that and if you’re watching now and you’re not subscribed just stop in your tracks and go subscribe ya know I appreciate the support and anybody. 

that subscribes to me I subscribe right back okay I’m not stingy with the soup with the subs I subscribe so what I’m doing right now is just combing the hair out everybody knows you have a synthetic wig and it’s curly y’all .

know is bound to get really really tingly nakki however you want to stay is bound to get rough best to get it I want to start with this small hole I like to stretch the hair out and just spray oh you cannot know what age any synthetic. 

wigs that I wear most likely I fly in that bitch out conditioner in water we get you a nice straight it’s not the best street you can go over until I have a street I love the pearls the crews was giving me like that first but yeah oh no .

since that is how synthetic wigs are it should just start looking up especially when you got pearls Wow and you have a old wig listen bring your wig back to life by throwing some conditioner and some water in the bottle spring. 

your wigs out straight straight but it definitely gets the job done  alright let me spit some motivation to those who are watching this right now let’s add know that no matter what you’re going through you will overcome. 

the battle okay nothing lasts forever listen I want all of you to claim your blessings okay I know you only got like what two months three months left of this year but let twenty if you didn’t accomplish what you needed to. 

accomplish in 2018 like 2019 be the year for you okay you have to claim it you can’t be talking about I’m sitting around waiting for a sign from God listen ain’t no waiting around you have to get up and get to it okay that’s one thing I learned you cannot wait for nothing to just fall in your lap okay God is waiting on us to like make the first initial step to get the ball rolling and then you will start you know having stuff fall into your lap like you like this is. 

exactly what I prayed for and the Lord is giving me exactly what I wanted but I don’t understand I want to be a beauty influencer a YouTube blogger so badly this is what I wanted for years like well now we’re going to say is to .

sit and watch YouTube all the time I think I’m gonna do that too I’m gonna do this too like you know what I can do this all I need is a phone with a camera on it I’ll be right I don’t need all this expensive stuff to become a .

YouTube blogger and once I learned that and put all my fear to the side like you know what you could do this either you got this leg you get what I’m saying ain’t none just fall in my lap I have to work hard for all of this .

everything I got everything I do I work hard for it’s for like the Lord wouldn’t just the Lord wouldn’t be putting all this stuff of my head if he didn’t want me to speak on it that’s how I feel about it okay I was not thinking about .

church anything like that a few minutes ago it just popped up in my head so I just kind of speak on it you get what I’m saying because somebody could be watching this video and feel so inspired to do what they have to do and if ./

that’s the case that will make me feel so good because I love inspire a movie or everybody my youth my ladies my men my boys I like to inspire and motivate just like everybody else okay I just know that do you want your .

blessings you have to act accordingly you can’t just be praying to the Lord when things go your my you why not you you know what I’m saying you have to go to these type of experiences in hard times so the boy could know already our and brought you to the light and trust me somebody’s gonna be inspired by your story and be like dang it she could get through it he could get to it I could get through it soon cuz honestly that’s how I look at like I. 

seriously I get on YouTube and I watch a lot of motivational videos and a lot of I just watch a lot of testimonies of people that have been through similar stuff like me even if they haven’t been through similar stuff like me I just .

love to hear a good testimony like somebody had really been dragged through the mud it made it out on top and the Lord just bless they life I’m like dang like the Lord had shown her favor trust me Lord’s gonna show me favor too saying I don’t need to speak on certain things you know who I speak to the Lord okay that’s what I talked to him I thought I talked to my god I closed my eyes at night and just tell the Lord exactly what I’m going through I .

said my hump was talking to my mother and if I was talking to my brother at the end of the day the Lord is the only one that can actually help you okay don’t put your trust in man man would disappoint you every time one .

thing I can say also you have to genuinely treat people the way you want to be treated okay don’t be out here treating people like and you know doing the most and making others feel like they’re down here and you’re up .

here that life don’t work like that okay you treat people like just know you want to have some up karma coming to you treat people how you want to be treated I treat people how I will want to be treated okay period because I have. 

kids I don’t none of my kids getting this , or that bad karma you know treating people like and gossiping about people and doing the most I don’t have time for that what I have time for is my kids and my family and my bag .

okay that’s what I got time for I got time to build my brand to be around people that genuinely you love me okay so I’m gonna stop talking and I’m gonna just finish this video and I really hope you have received the message .

finished flat iron in this side and  love me a good suit I really love ordering from the Janik I know some was like oh she’s preaching in this video no I’m sneaking specs because I don’t know who could be watching my videos and just might need me just funny if friends and I was denied using I’m not let go by the book OD Christian but okay and I love this conditioner in water because honestly is making it here straight and it’s .

making your wig smell good okay making your weeks about pelleted well I mean just go over the middle so this is the finished look of Flatiron in a synthetic wig I know people like oh you cannot find a synthetic .

wig oh just listen and listen I’m the living truth now you can fly I’m a synthetic right all right let me stop them doing too much okay I’m done God thank you for watching my video you already know I love y’all y’all are like my.babies y’all are like my sisters I okay that’s why I’ve been telling everybody okay and this one thank you don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel tell a.