Ceramic Vs Titanium Curling Wand

Ceramic Vs Titanium Curling WandLooking for the Ceramic Vs Titanium Curling Wand? You’ve come to the right place

it’s gonna be actually about a hair products and I’m gonna do in a hair tutorial today so if you all want to watch this keep right watching so today’s tutorial is going to be about hair which I haven’t done this before this is

Ceramic Vs Titanium Curling Wand

something new that I’m trying and um today I’m going to be testing out two different products this is gonna be and I I apologize to all the French people out there if I slaughter this name I think you say it’s a lunge is that how you say that um these are they’re ceramic and this is their let’s see here titanium and ceramic curling wands so I .

am super excited to test out this products for y’all and I also going to be testing out some of their products this is their day to have you food dry shampoo and this is their root booster and this is their heat shield so I’m super .

excited to try out these products so first of all as you can see my hair does have a little bit of grease and I purposely did that just so I could test out and see how the dry shampoo would work and stuff so let’s go to shake it it what .

makes a sound that’s cool I’m easily fascinated okay so apply to dry hair all you need is a few spritz concentrating .

the scalp I love dry shampoo eagle it probably makes me sound like I’ve really bad hygiene but I don’t um but basically the reason I love dry shampoo is because um like you know you’re not really supposed to wash your hair .

every day which I got in a really bad habit especially when I was out of college of washing my hair cuz the more you wash it the more oils you’re gonna get it and then it’s gonna be oily and greasy and look you know what I .

mean so it’s like you’re fighting a losing battle wow this actually seems to be working well we’re just gonna brush our hair out here see what we’ve got oh wow this is good this is a nice this is a nice dry shampoo y’all look what it just did my hair is that not cool or what that is a good dry shampoo right there every girl needs a good Josh .

shampoo I’m just gonna spray a little bit back just cuz I that’s where my oil is right now whoo she’s like it’s boosting my hair volume too like crazy Wow y’all this is a great dry shampoo not only like it almost seems to made .

my hair Slav – okay so like this is a really good dry shampoo I really like this product okay now this is a root booster for volume texture lifts UV protection I’ve never tried a root booster before a phone – lotion spray shake .

well hold can five to six inches from hair mist okay we’re gonna try this and see what happens oh cool it’s a mist I mean don’t just Oh mmm it smells good – y’all double-double that was like a it’ll spray in your roots oh wow .

definitely that’s pretty cool okay so it does seem to give your hair volume which is like a positive it’s a little scary because it comes out in like a foam but don’t be afraid of it guys like yeah don’t be afraid of that I don’t know y’all .

can tell on camera does my hair seem bigger like my roots I’m thinking it does from what I can see cool another good product by them boy I like this company so far okay next I’m going to the heat shield before we actually .

ending the wands this is a heat shield keratin infused that’s cool locks out humidity a plus right there spray over here for using heat up to and volume to the base is the lift hair and spray between layers well okay I just kind of .

spray that my eye but we’re all good oh my goodness y’all it smells so good mmm more volume I’m telling y’all everything’s bigger in Texas including the hair I mean the higher the hair the closer to God that’s what I say Oh .

guys this stuff smells so good just your kilojoules so how I come on my hair I do not start off with like a specific um like I don’t actually section off my hair I know some girls do I mean I section off my hair into two sides that’s .

all I do that’s like what I do now I’m going to using I have this right here this is suave max hold it’s just like a Walmart brand I know with all these fancy brands I have my suave anyways okay so I’m gonna start from the back. 

and as you’ll see I already have a line right there because I burned my neck with another one okay yeah anyways all right we’re gonna start off this one is going to be the ceramic and I’m doing they take a small section of hair it .

was gonna wrap it around there now this one did come with a glove but you know me I’m so accident-prone y’all I probably should have used the glove but I’m just not going to it’s gonna wing it okay that was like about I don’t .

know like 12 seconds mmm that’s pretty like I’m just gonna spray it a little bit with my thing now the next curl I’m gonna do I’m gonna do with the UM titanium and just see if there’s a difference now y’all are probably thinking .

she should have sectioned her hair off that’s okay y’all listen this is how I’m doing my thing don’t be judging okay so instead of wrapping around like this way I’m gonna take it on this way just because for a little more natural .

curls um this is a trick that I learned if you look at someone’s natural curls not they don’t go like the same direction so if you want to have more natural-looking iron curls just flip it each time so one time go under the .

barrel the next time go like up and over around the barrel and I’ll just give a little natural look don’t you love how girls like spend like five hours perfecting well okay not five hours but like who knows how long half an hour .

perfecting like a no makeup look or something it’s like guys just do our makeup mission accomplished right I know so we try to get natural-looking curls okay here we go okay now I’m just blabbing about oh that’s nice okay .

that’s really nice by the way just for the record these are both the same size barrels just so y’all know um well I can’t really tell much of a difference honestly between the two they both work equally as well in my opinion um .

they both give really soft just beautiful curls honestly and you all know me y’all y’all notice this is rose gold but guys I’m such a sucker for rose gold like I love rose gold oh my word rose goals my thing y’all okay so I am going .

to so this side I am going to do with the ceramic wand in this side I’m gonna finish up with the titanium so and then I’m going to let y’all see like the end result and y’all can kind of see which one you think looks best so I’m .

going to fast forward this part because I mean y’all know what I’m doing I’m just going back and forth so by the way another little trick I learned too is to help your curls last a little bit longer so what I like to do is after you sit .

here and hold it on for 50 seconds you wanna make sure curls properly so when you go to bring it off like this you want to be careful um but kind of let it cool in your hand a little bit before you actually drop it down and it’s just .

gonna help your curls last a little bit longer okay all right you’ll this is the ceramic side this is 2:13 iam side I’m trying to see if I see a difference honestly I mean they both work so well mmm it’s really hard comment below and. 

let let me know y’all if you guys can see a difference because sometimes I can always see in the camera um but they honestly they both work really really well I feel like the ceramic side gives a little bit of a softer curl now I am .

NOT timing link specifically 12 seconds per one so that could be why um but I feel like it almost gives a little more of a natural curl like a natural like wavy soft curl this one gives a little bit more of like a fancy I mean you could do. 

eat both either way this one gives like a I’m going to the red carpet kind of thing but you could take this to the red carpet – I mean you know either way anyway so probably my overall review on it is they both work equally as well .

I did not notice one being better than the other they’re both excellent wands I would highly recommend these ones to anyone and you don’t have to use a glove with them I recommend these beauty products I highly .

recommend this one especially they were all good products you guys um they were really good this one smelled so good oh my goodness y’all so I overall I have never actually tried out their brand before but overall I am impressed. 

and I do highly recommend it probably if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the titanium wand simply because it’s rose gold and y’all know how much I love rose gold if I could have a rose gold car I would I love rose .

gold anyway that’s a wrap I really hope you all enjoyed this video if you did make sure to subscribe and give this video a huge thumbs up and let me know in the comments if you want to see more hair videos or what do you want to see just please let me know I love.