How Dose An Epilator Work

How Dose An Epilator WorkLooking for the How Dose An Epilator Work? You’ve come to the right place

hadow intrigues videos I was talking about laser hair removal and a bunch of you guys in the comments recommended that I check out in epilator so I did my research read a bunch of different reviews watched videos and decided on this one this is definitely not a sponsored video you guys will see how it goes but every video I’m

How Dose An Epilator Work

pretty sure I watched on this specific epilator was sponsored this is the silk epilim 9 you can use this wet or dry and that was kind of the big reason why I went with this one over others was that you could actually use this in the shower so I have washed my legs before I’ve sugared my legs before but I usually just shave so the only area on my. 

body that I’m able to laser is my Brazilian area because the rest of the hair on my body is blonde which a lot of people think is better but it actually sucks because then your options for hair removal are way more limited and I don’t have like the little cute peach fuzz blonde I have like thick ass blonde body hair everywhere I have a lot of .

hair I get prickly literally within hours of shaving so any kind of hair removal that gives me a little bit more time in between getting prickly I’m down to try in this video I’d show you guys trying it out for the first time wet dry different parts of my body and then I’m also doing a follow-up and updating guys on whether or not I’m still using. 

it how it goes just the whole experience of using an epilator for the first time so basically what an epilady is is it’s like an electronic tweezer that tweezers out like 5 million hairs at the same time so basically since you’re pulling the whole hair out like waxing you get more time in between hair growth than you would with shaving shaving is .

just like shaving off the top layer you can kind of read different things about this some people say the first week you’re supposed to do it every few days some people say there’s opposed to do it once a week and just kind of keep up with it you guys will see what I end up doing but I didn’t be using the more than once they make ones that are .

cheaper like around thirty to fifty dollars this one I think was around 99 or 100 if you’re someone who waxes that’s basically the price of like one or two leg waxes depending on where you live so this is way cheaper than waxing so just to preface this video so you can get a feel for how the rest of this is gonna go I’m gonna pop in this .

clip right here from men dry it is very accurate [Music] all right here we go give it a smack grab a drink this is a fun one umm okay the time has come it is day one of epilation I’m slightly terrified I just watched like 10 YouTube videos and that definitely made this situation worse I just showered I read that you definitely want to do this after. 

you shower your legs should be totally dry and stuff but just so your pores are open and I also exfoliated in the shower to help with ingrown hairs think I’m as prepared as I’m gonna be over here I’ve got my girl power shirt on for some motivation you know we can do this so the main thing I want to do is definitely my legs also do my arms .

because I’ll get into that probably already talked about it but I do remove hair from my arms just because I’ve done it for years since I lived in Jordan and my host mom waxed my arms the first week I was there so for a while I was waxing them and then I just got lazy and started shaving them watching them it’s great but I want to try .

doing this on my arms as well so we’re gonna try that too we’re just gonna do it all you know let’s go to town so this is what the beast looks like there are two different settings I read the whole manual too and I’ve read a lot .

about this thing manual said that number one you can use for like your bikini area or your underarms or face like really sensitive areas and then number two is for like legs and everything else the advantage of this one is that you can use it wet or dry and it so it’s chargeable so I’ve already charged it it lasts for 40 minutes so I am gonna do it .

on number 2 it says if you’re doing your legs to start at the bottom and you want to go upwards and you’re supposed to hold it in 90 degrees so like that I guess and then it just plucks these hairs out one by one okay people. 

give birth every day you can believe holy shit yeah that that doesn’t feel great sweating I forgot to say I did let my legs go out for about 10 days now it says to have them between I think point 2 millimeters and point 5 or something I don’t even know what that means but I took a snapchat poll and you guys definitely like hair is ready .

to epilate so I’m trusting you with my ablation but you can’t do it too short or else I won’t have anything to grip you basically want it to be the length where you could tweeze a hair I mean you can definitely see hair that came .

out in here it definitely took out certain parts more than others the light is actually really handy though okay I’m gonna do that same spot oh my god oh wow my leg is already turning red right there it doesn’t feel like totally soft like it didn’t remove all the hair on that second go either someone do that same spot again again oh it feels a bit .

prickly some of you guys said on Facebook that you do have to go over it like a few times it doesn’t feel like really soft it still feels pretty prickly I have very thick a lot of hair even though it’s blonde don’t let it fool you it feels like .

really um high almost it doesn’t really feel like plucking to me it just more feels like something super hot against your skin like has like a burning sensation kind of oh okay I don’t know how the hell do your whole legs [Music] .

the third pass over that same area it definitely feels less intense so I can totally see how if you keep this up it probably does not hurt as bad because you don’t have as much hair like that third one wasn’t bad the first one .

when it really gets all the hair out that’s when you can really feel it okay I see why all of the sponsored videos for this product we’re doing a voiceover when they actually filmed this part because Wow I need a stress ball it almost. 

feels more like lasering to me than waxing I do laser my whole Brazilian area oh man I think it feels better doing .

long strokes and like short ones oh man I’m going over each section definitely like at least three times and it’s still not like soft feels like I shaved yesterday like it doesn’t feel soft oh my god this side hurts about holy shit Wow .

Wow I’m not kidding on flan sweating stops I’d definitely worse like I need a beer let’s go get my legs waxed actually debating that at least with waxing it’s like one quick rip in that spot you know how to do it 50 times on the .

same spot I’m waxing I’m gonna need a shower again this is no joke I don’t know why that first part did not feel as bad but whoa everyone says the first one is definitely the worst because you have the most hair that you’re removing and then after that it just gets like better and better at this point I’m thinking waxing is a much better idea okay I’m gonna get through one full swipe Wow Wow holy to do this right now this is not feeling worth it ow .

seriously need a Corona let’s switch to arms maybe this would also be better wet because you can do this in the shower that’s like one of the cool things about the 9 version I have a lot of hair of my arms too so hairy everywhere. 

[Music] okay that hurts but it’s a little bit more doable hmm the thing is that even in the parts that I’m doing multiple times it doesn’t feel like it’s getting every hair like when you wax it is smooth and your hair is totally removed I’m not getting the same kind of feeling with this and that is much less painful I was waxing my owner all. 

right so I made the executive decision that in order to continue on with this project we need beer tears is what I’m gonna do every time I successfully do a new area I’m gonna reward myself by giving myself a sip of beer eye on the. 

prize all right so I decided to get a moist dampened warm towel so I’m gonna try the whole wet thing and get my legs a little bit damp I was just googling how to make this a little more bearable and it says to get a wet dry one .

which I have into wait your body just won’t ride down here first nope nope nope folks I think our epilating journey might end here okay I am NOT a quitter so I am taking my beer taking my friggin epilator and we’re gonna go try this in the shower I have better feelings about this I was just on Twitter and someone said that what you can do is .

actually shave your legs and then when you get just a couple days of stubble start up leading and do it once a day so it catches the hairs that it can but it’s not pulling all the hairs at one time so you’re kind of doing it like as your hairs are rotating growing in that make sense and that I feel like would be a lot better I’m gonna try the shower thing I’ll check in with you guys after the shower okay so just shout and in round three whatever it is about .

bleeding and I have to say that was a totally different experience doing it wet so I didn’t feel like it got the hairs as well and when I was reading online before I did it it said that’s because the water obviously like pushes down your hair so it’s just harder for it to actually grab the hairs when it’s wet but it feels I’m not kidding like a hundred times better in the shower than it does dry so I’ll check in with you guys in a few days once I keep doing this all .

right so since I last talked to you guys I have tried the epilator in pretty much every situation condition wet dry I can think of I really wanted to try and find a way to make this thing work for me and I’ve tried it about I want to say eight to ten times since I first did this on day one so here’s kind of my overall thoughts on my hair for .

whatever reason even when I apply a full hairy patch that should very well just be like smooth after you epilate it I don’t get that soft kind of feeling that you get from waxing I still feel like prickly I don’t really like that because if .

I’m gonna go through the pain of friggin epilating I would want to have the same kind of results that I would from waxing so I still have to shave after I epilate if I want that smooth like kind of feel so I really don’t like that about this and that could just be me because I haven’t heard or read any anyone else really say that so that might just be. 

a weird my body hair kind of thing Manesh on my late to get about that wide of a patch that was fully uh plaited and even in the shower I would rather wax my body ten times my entire body than epilate my whole legs it is very. 

uncomfortable I’ve got pretty high pain tolerance in every other aspect so I feel like if you don’t have a high pain tolerance I definitely don’t think epilating will be for you this is like like I said way worse than waxing like not .

even comparable to pain level two waxing in my opinion I went on Facebook and Twitter and asked you guys for tips those of you who use this and a lot of people said to shave let it grow back a couple days and then try and eppley so that the hair is shorter and when I did that it still it just left me prickly it didn’t actually grip I feel like .

the hairs cuz the hairs weren’t long enough so it just doesn’t make sense to me if I have to do this and then shave over it and I’m still getting stubble my arms are the place that I really wanted to make this work and was hoping .

that I could find a way to because that is something that I feel like would be worth the pain just worth the process because I already do have to keep up with my arms but again I could not get it totally removed I also try it on my .

lower back that was really not pleasant I got there like half of that I will say as I kept doing it I did feel like on my arms especially I got a little bit more used to the sensation it wasn’t like ad shocking but on my legs even in the .

shower it’s a no overall I just after this I’m Way more inclined to just let my hair go out and wax it if I want to get rid of that stumble that’s just my experience with it if it works for you that’s fantastic props to you man definitely .

go watch the men try video this I’ll link it down below because it is a hundred percent worth 15 minutes of your life highly recommend but I hope you guys found this video entertaining helpful something if you did you can give. 

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