How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver

How To Trim Moustache With Electric ShaverLooking for the How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver? You’ve come to the right place

I’ve received multiple requests to make a video regarding this and believe it or not I’ve actually covered this topic and other beard trimming videos but this video is going to be dedicated solely to the trimming my moustache that you’ll have to wade through all the beard trimming process I hope that you can see everything alright the lights

How To Trim Moustache With Electric Shaver

gonna be somewhat variable I’m gonna do the best I can with the angles I’ve got I don’t really get the benefit of great lighting or even a great set so if you have any questions after this is done feel free to ask them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible but don’t forget to like this video and subscribe .

likewise and if you have a beard check out all my other beard trimming videos you’ll be able to get something out of that too many have so here’s what I want to share with you before I actually get into trimming and that is that I have a beard that requires the kind of mustache you see right now with the exception of maybe taking it a little bit higher above the lips which is what I’m going to do because I like to taste my food without tasting my hair alright .

I’m not gonna take it and crop it closely to the skin that wouldn’t look good for this kind of beers you can see it’s pretty full all the way around because that’s what I like and I’m gonna grow even larger that’s what I intend to do at least I’m free to change my mind but I have no plans right now when I’m going to be trimming it perhaps .

cleaning up a little bit before Christmas but that might be about it but you want to have a mustache this mustache this uniform with the rest of your beard if you’re wearing a beard the guys that have the mustaches that are cropped really close to the skin those look good but if you if you’ll notice they also have beards that are faded on .

the side okay well you can actually see the skin through them that’s not how a my beard is so all I’m gonna do is I’m going to raise the mustache a little bit take off some of the bulk on the top and I’m gonna get the I’m gonna get the trimmers just above the lip line alright so here’s here’s what I have I have a Remington cordless again it’s a .

mustache beard trimmer I’ve had it Spurs forever really I don’t even know what model it is so if you’re gonna ask me in the comments below what model this is I don’t know I just know Remington makes this there are actually far better ones than this is probably just a cheap modelling because I can’t remember when I got it for crying out .

loud but it came with a set of darts and the only one I’m gonna use for my moustache is a number three guard if you’re gonna wonder what a number three guard is it’s a nine millimeter guard so here’s how I start I’m actually gonna take this guard I’m gonna stick it on onto the trimmer itself and I want to note I want you to note here that .

there’s something I do not do not do that I’m not going to do and that is I’m not going to take this in straight like this I’ve done that before I don’t like though I don’t like what it does the hair I don’t like what it does the mustache it doesn’t make it look even I know it seems like it would but in my in my experience it just hasn’t so what I do is I. 

I approach my mustache much like I do my beard and if you notice in my previous beard videos I’ve go down like this okay with the grain with the back of the trimmers hope you can see that with the back of the trimmers on the face I’m gonna do that with my with my mustache so here’s I’m gonna do I’m only going to go to right here where .

the cheek line meets the mustache I’m not gonna go any further than that [Music] all right yeah it’s not it’s not grossly long right now but um well what I’m doing is I’m getting off the just the bulk off the top but I don’t want it can get too long I don’t like it to where I can feel the hair starts to tickle my nose neck next what I’m gonna do is I .

want to get it established above my lip line and so I’m going to I’m going to try to create a straight line across by somewhat smiling I didn’t make this up George Bruno’s the one I learned this from he does it just a little bit .

differently I just can’t get to work exactly for me the way he does so so George if you’re watching this please forgive me I’m not trying to desecrate your method here but here’s what I do try to make a straight line with it with a smile of some kind and then it’s kind of important to keep the mouth open I go straight in ooh not a lot of .

hair on my lips now go to the corners of the mouth and then good Lord sir brought brush in here with me huh that’s a hair on my tongue I’ll try to finish this video that way then what I do is I’ll take the trimmers and I’ll go this way and I’ll go this way with it just the corner is my now and I thought to bring it down like that you bad I gotpretty much where I want it now here’s something to keep in mind man I realized my moustache was a head growing out that much so anyway it’s also important to keep a little pair of scissors on hand because sometimes .

up underneath right next to the lip underneath the mustache is where you a lot of people miss so they they trim all this up here but they’re not getting what’s here right above the lip and then some hair still remain I a man should .

not do that too badly but I’m gonna I’m gonna go on a lip line I don’t really have anything cut didn’t look like what I got pretty good first first sweet okay now another thing I do is generally when you’re doing this when you’re .

going straightening like this to to go across the top of the lip you’re you’re pretty much looking straight in then what I do is I put my head down like this almost as if I’m looking at the top of my eyes and then you can start to see the hair on the top of your mustache kind of sticking out a little bit it’s weird how it does it but it does do it and. 

then what I do is I look at my mustache like this and then I kind of get the most essence that I mean the hairs that are leaning out over the body of the mustache don’t make my straight-line and really it’s pretty much that easy the. 

only thing thing left I want to do is is if I see any hair still sticking up to where they can actually touch my nose I will sweep it but you gotta you gotta be so careful I mean you can’t you gotta have a steady hand you just kind of .

want to get like the ones are sticking out the very top here watch this okay it’s really that simple it’s just that simple and then the mustache is looking pretty decent I’m looking straight in here it looks a little bit wack but I’m looking in the mirror okay I mean you might have to make a few adjustments a little bit of a modification but it .

looks like everything is as it should be the only thing I’m missing with my brush in here which I can’t believe I missed that so I’m dealing with hair in my mouth you’re watching me pic hair off my tones not what you tuned in .for I’m sure but the only thing left I would say is to keep your mustache looking nice is to use a good mustache wax and I don’t have a handle bar so you don’t always necessarily need for that bit so you might want to lay it .

down a little bit even more even with a little bit of mustache wax and the kind of I got on hand is this artist man orange grove I’ll put a link and pop a link below for that rub around your fingers a little bit let it break down it’s a .

lot like beer a beard balm but a little bit harder yeah it smells so good and that kind of keeps it a little bit cleaner remind you after you do get done trimming your mustache you need to keep a brush around to brush it off your .

lips don’t do what I did and forget it now I will tell you while you’re doing your mustache nothing you need be checking on I mean you guys really need to keep up on this you can’t imagine how much I see this eye I find it .

absolutely unattractive as nose hairs are you guys trimming your nose hairs you need to be and for this for this for this trimmer you have a removable head and it has a fitting you can put on it for your nose to trim your nose hairs. 

and looks like this little trimmer that’s a little thing on the top make sure you get in there when you’re after you .

trim your mustache get in there and clear the forest not hard look you think that women don’t see this if you think that women are turning a blind eye to that you’re wrong they do and just kind of go over it what is it too bad but .

you don’t want nose sticking out of your hair you know you know what your nose hair is so long that they blend in with your mustache but honestly guys there’s just not much to it that’s about all there is and now you can see my lips now that you really care about that right but my wife might and I like tasting my food without tasting my hair. 

like what I’m doing right now I hope that’s helped I hope that you’ve found that to be somewhat profitable if you have any questions let me know just remember a few pointers just to rehash a few pointers do do not use in my .

opinion at least do not use the trimmer with the guard going like this if you want it to lay down nicely all uniform what I found out with this when you go down like this is that some of the hairs are shorter up near the top and .

they are the bottom they don’t they don’t all lay down like they should it’s just it just doesn’t work out that well in my opinion so that’s how I trim my mustache I hope that it’s helped and you know let me know what you think if you’ve tried it down I know it seems like I should have more to say but I don’t because it’s just that easy.