How To Use A Callus Shaver

How To Use A Callus ShaverLooking for the How To Use A Callus Shaver? You’ve come to the right place

your heels and you can get smooth feet in two minutes now I’m going to show you how to use this carême callus remover the package contains the device and a cleaning brush to install the batteries turn the battery cover lock 90 degrees to the left until you hear a click sound and then pull down the battery cover it requires to double a

How To Use A Callus Shaver

alkaline batteries and to insert the batteries into the battery compartment please follow the battery sign labeled on the back if you can’t close it tightly reverse the cover there shouldn’t be any gaps between the parts close the battery cover by turning it 90 degrees to the right until the cover clicks into place and locks now you can turn on .

the device and make sure it’s operating well before use wash and clean your feet and you can let them dry fully but you don’t have to make sure the roller head is placed into the unit and then turn on the unit by pressing the safety switch sock and pushing the switch up hold the device facing your body gently rotate and glide over the calluses on your heels and the edges back and forth and don’t forget your sole and toes and then you can stop and check if you’ve achieved the softness that you want and if not just go over the area and check it again stop using it right .

away if your skin gets sore or inflamed also don’t press too hard on your skin or else the unit will stop you’ll see a lot of callus particles falling down you might want to choose a place like the bathroom where it’ll be easier for you to clean up the mess when you’re done once you get the results you want you can turn the device off and .

wipe your feet down with a wet cloth for best results apply some foot cream on your feet to moisturize the skin after use the Karimi callus remover now your feet look very smooth and tender the roller head is removable with .

the release button on the side when you press it in the head will release clean the roller head with the cleaning brush and it can just be washed under tap water if you wash it do let it dry completely before you put it back on .

clean the groove of the device with the cleaning brush and do not ever switch the appliance on while you’re brushing after you’ve done that you can wipe down the body of the unit with a clean dry cloth and now you’re done guys.