How To Use A Spiral Curling Iron

How To Use A Spiral Curling IronLooking for the How To Use A Spiral Curling Iron? You’ve come to the right place

my how-to curly wavy hair video thanks for watching and thanks for all the comments and all the responses those were awesome I’m gonna do a remake of it just because I feel like doing it again and I’ll show you off the results a

How To Use A Spiral Curling Iron

little bit more since I didn’t in the past and my microphones a little clearer whoa so awesome thanks hope you like it oh and another thing I wanted to say I’m not going to be using two curling irons today I’m just using the one .

which is the spiral and it is um it’s by Conair I got it from a grocery store called Kroger’s they have those here in Texas not sure if they have them wherever you live but uh about 13 dollars which i think is pretty cheap so yes I’m just using one today because I use that other one last time I don’t know if everybody had one of those really don’t .

know where it came from really wasn’t mine so don’t know much about it so I’m just using one today pretty much comes out the same results so awesome I hope you all don’t mind I’m probably going to be making some of these .

parts fast after I’m done making this video I’m probably going to use my little Movie Editor thing and speed up the process a little bit salt have enough time to post this on YouTube since YouTube only allows 10 minutes or so so I’m going to do a little bit of this it’ll probably be fast forwarded starting now during the bottom you I had to take .

that other shirt off you’re killing me hmmmmm cute and all but gonna work my nerve anyways so finish the bottom half I don’t have much of a bottom half of hair but there we have there oh that’s the cutest hairdo I’ve ever seen I don’t know about you might not agree with me whatever mmm I am so happy over the responses I got on .

my last video on my curly video I was so awesome I never expected it I thought it was absolutely wonderful I’m getting a little lazy right now at this because I’m taking bigger chunks than normally the just trying to get it over with and I’m not really going for perfection right now cuz I mean don’t think I’m gone anywhere today nobody’s .

‘gonna see me except you you god knows how many other people um yeah I’m not doing it as perfect as last time which is cool though cuz you don’t try to perfect it as much you good a little bit different look yeah so fixing to speed it up again you ah I look like an alien how adorable my name is Jared I come in peace Oh about teeny tiny .

piece of hair like a little baby you cut the camera off for a couple minutes those trying to get some done off-camera I don’t take up a lot of time dear YouTube you need to let me make my videos longer I’m going to chop all this up .

and speed it up and shorten it and all that you hear that little squawking in the background that’s my bird you can. 

see her in one of my other videos if you watch my other videos the video is called a love story it is um it was a not planned video while I was planned for me to make a video with my bird but um I got her out of her cage and I was. 

singing the song to her a carpenter song and my dog Tuffy she’s a yorkshire terrier she’s a spoiled brat and she gets very jealous she was downstairs and she heard the bird was out of her cage so she ran upstairs and tried to .

attack the bird and it was pretty sad at the time but it turned out to be really funny cuz I slowed down one of the parts where he could see good that the bird started squawking and flapping his wings and got scared to death of .

Tuffy and then the bird ended up flying off my shoulder onto the floor and Tuffy was almost on top of her trying to attack her she’s mean okay so I’m totally done and it doesn’t look as cute as it did last time but it is really curly oh yeah I don’t know how the back term milks I haven’t looked yet I probably should look before I show you all in .

case I need to fix that I decided not to show the back cuz that I didn’t really take my time trying to make it pretty or whatever and it didn’t look that good so I’m just gonna show you the front to me they look as good as it did last.time sorry if you can hear that my microphone was away um that looked a lot cuter last time but it is finished and .

here it is curly curly girl um yeah thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this one like you did the other one if you have any questions feel free to ask me and I’ll try my best as I do with every other question you people desk I’ll best to get back to you and make sure and go out and get you one by Conair it is black and gold it heats up really fast it’s really fun to use and it has 25 heat settings so it’s awesome and also I wanted to show you on my .

little flip don’t we live in my South Park pajamas though okay oh yeah I do this I shake my head and then just put it back where it was it’s a little fluffier yeah it doesn’t look too cute right now but usually by the end of the day when all the curls.