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experiment for you guys I’m gonna be doing a cheap shave versus an expensive shave and just sort of comparing what the experience is like and all that and what kind of shave I get from this so this is going to take a couple days for me but for you guys this will be over in an instance so we’re going to go ahead we’re going to do the

Most Expensive Electric Shaver

inexpensive we’re going to do the cheap shape first and then we’re going to do the expensive shave second now I haven’t I haven’t used a disposable razor in years so I’m kind of anxious to see how this turns out but uh let’s go .

ahead and get right into it alright so for day one I’m gonna be doing the cheap shave and for that just like with any shape we want to go ahead and soak our beard so I’m gonna go ahead and do that off camera and get my razors open this is a brand new bag of razors get those opened and get lathered up okay so we’re back my beards had .

time to soak and it’s time to start lathering up the lather I’m gonna be using today is just going to be some regular old original Barbasol right here so we’re just going to be using a little bit of this it’s a sort of a staple in a in a man’s medicine cabinet so let’s go ahead and get some of this out of here let’s just put it right on our face oh man I don’t .

miss this that’s uh what am I gonna do with my hand after this this is kind of messy I’m used to putting it on with a brush let’s get this on this is not going on very evenly but uh well put it on here I’m sure I’m out of practice with this stuff but I’m sure we’ll get to we’ll get turned out alright so let’s pour on there so tell me guys what kind of .

equipment are you using to shave right now are you using just your Barbasol in a can and a disposable razor or do you like your Gillette mach3 he’s our mark Mach sixes and sevens or whatever are you into your safety razors or .

your straight razors you know I’ve tried I haven’t tried a whole lot of the expensive multi-blade razors because once I started spending a little bit of money on shaving I just sort of went straight to sort of the classics so I don’t really have a whole lot of experience with that and I would be curious to know your experiences but okay let’s get .

this cream or whatever it’s off the table there so don’t get it over them even more okay so man this feels this must have meant all the shaving cream must have menthol in it because it feels definitely it’s cooling on my face it’s a little bit cold okay so let’s go ahead and we’re just gonna be using for our blade let’s make sure I got that on there .

good okay okay okay we’re good for the razor blade we’re gonna be using this is a bit disposable so this is the cheap this is the cheap rape I used to shave with these things every day just these beat these big disposables and I .

would have like a ten pack or a twelve pack would last me like a year so I was very very cheap with my shades and now learned that could be cheap actually with this with a safety razor or a straight razor shave but let’s go ahead and let’s get into this okay that’s not bad that’s not bad at all does it feel like it’s pulling it’s definitely cutting I I .

think I don’t I don’t see any hairs being cut yeah I don’t really I see like a little bit there’s like some teeny this is this is one day this is one day’s growth it’s a very gentle and mild I mean it might not be taking off very much because this might not be capable of getting as close to the safety razor man if you cut yourself in one of these you .

just usually need more practice than I guess it’s leaving behind a lot of cream it’s not it’s not taking off if you’re looking other shaving videos it whenever I shave basically my face ends up basically clean there’s almost no cream. 

left on my face afterwards because the razor gets so close it basically cleans takes all the show all the soap there off of my face okay then that’s it this that doesn’t feel good okay and thanks oh my god that’s just that’s that’s not .

much better than it was before let me well this is gonna be a one-pass shape let’s keep it fair we’re gonna make this on one path shave so that’s one pass okay and I did get everything okay so we’re good to go with that and let’s. 

get this little razor cleaned off because we always want to clean our razor and get all the soap and everything out God that Barbasol here’s the problem with Barbasol and with other canned creams they leave behind a residue on. 

the blade and they leave behind a residue on whatever it is you’re shaving with that just sort of builds up and Gunks up over time and it just gets nasty versus a good so because it’s lathered with water it will just dissolve right. 

away in water and it doesn’t it usually doesn’t leave behind if it’s a good soap it doesn’t leave behind any residue I’m just gonna drop that in the water because it’s not coming clean now this Barbasol was a dollar or something it was like a dollar 50 or something like that and the razors for 12 were two dollars there’s two something so I think .

it’s like 270 okay let’s let’s fill now I definitely don’t have any razor burn it’s definitely a very mild shave got a little bit of redness here I did a two paths shave the other day and it’s just a little bit a little bit a little bit worked up .

alright yeah I mean it’s not touchably smooth I’ll say that it’s not touchably smooth and there’s definitely a lot of shadow left in fact this is what I would expect to have left over like if I shape it like 8 o’clock in the morning this is what I would expect to have from a safety razor at like 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon maybe a little later I mean .

this is like I can still feel it going with the grain just a little bit it’s not not a very good shape and I see a little I missed a little area right there so we’ll get that because that’s just probably me okay okay so let’s wipe that off let’s. 

do our cleanup here so we want to make sure that we get all the soap and stuff off of our face if you don’t you’ll get pimples that will lead to pimples a lot of people just wipe the shaving cream and the soap off their face you got a wet it and just make sure you get all of it off and that’s where it’s nice to have a soap that doesn’t leave a residue .

it’ll prevent you from getting it’ll prevent it from clogging your pores and you won’t get pimples and that sort of rash after shaving is bad okay so if you find that you’re not getting necessarily a rash immediately after shaving .

but you’re getting pimples say like a day afterwards then there’s a good chance to see their ingrown hairs or you’re not washing the soap off very well and you’re getting clogged pores or you might just not be being very sanitary .

with it but we’re going to follow up speaking of sanitation we always we want to always follow up with an aftershave and aftershave source sterilizes the skin now for the cheap shave we’re gonna be doing Aqua Velva now. 

you can go cheaper than this but this is a good little drugstore brand I really like this not a big fan of this this aftershave it’s got a really nice scent to it and I like a little better than brute right on there it’s nice and mentally .

though it’s ass cold I love that I don’t I’m not a big fan of those hot burns that you get from your non methylated aftershave like your Old Spice and stuff like that I just I really are really like the mentholated the Aqua Velva the .

Brut Stetsons a little bit mentholated it feels like but not by much but I really do like a like a good ice-cold mentholated after shave okay so in the theme of the blue after shave with a very nice citrusy scent we’re going to .

be or sort of that very brat scent don’t know if I would guess that’s true I’ve got some citrusy notes in it we’re gonna be following up and finishing off with just this is a knockoff cologne this is called blue debt it’s a knockoff of. 

cool waters my Davidoff so we’ll go ahead you don’t shake this up by the way we’ll just spritz it right on and there’s our shape done okay so how was this shave experience it was definitely like the food speaks for itself I really don’t. 

feel like I’ve shaken I don’t feel like I’ve shaved it was just a little bit mad a little bit messy a little bit uh a little bit on the a little bit on the mild side it didn’t really do a whole lot and I still kind of have a rough I don’t know if you .

can hear this still guys it’s still pretty rough it’s pretty rough there so that’s what we got that’s with a single blade razor on okay now on to the expensive shave okay guys I hate to be a bit of a drama queen about this but I’m just gonna go ahead and do the next Jeff because that shave was spectacularly bad so bad that it almost it barely feels like I even shaved I give it just did it it just did it’s very rough it’s very rough so I’m just gonna go ahead and we’re .

just gonna follow up straight after this with a regular one so I’ve given my face about 30 minutes to sort of settle down a little bit and all that after the first shave and we’ll just go ahead and we’re just going to try this again we’re. 

going to use better products and see how this turns out so I’m going to be shaving today the razor I’m gonna be using is going to be you guys are familiar with it this is a edwin jagger de 89 it’s a 3-piece razor i currently have it in three pieces okay and i’m going to be putting in this an Astra SP or an asterisk superior platinum blade now this is a blade i haven’t used in a long time these are very sharp blades we’ll drop that in there or bottom on here and .

we just screw the handle on okay and we’re ready now it’s been a while since I’ve shaved with the Astra SP so we’ll see how this turns out these are very sharp little blades okay so first things first we need to soak our brush so I’m .

gonna go ahead and soak this up do the same thing here we’ll get some water out of the brush put it in our mug all right and we’ll just let that soak for just a second pour the rest off then we just get right to it making a lather okay .

so there’s a lather we’ll go ahead and let me get a mirror out let’s get a little more soap in there get a little bit thicker okay now hopefully I can do this without a whole lot of irritation this is gonna be a second shave in about .

an hour so we’ll see if we’ll see if we can get a good smooth shape out of this even with a sharp blade but well go ahead do that okay I think that’s gonna be good enough all right so let’s go ahead let’s get right into we’re gonna .

take our ice tray SP and I read one Jagger and Oh much better I don’t know if you guys can hear that but it’s cutting the hairs you can hear it alright and for the neck we’ll just come up here I missed a little spot right there .

there we go much better oh my goodness that’s much better okay let’s let’s set this in water here and let’s rinse off all right let’s go ahead and just gonna take this take your water and just wash the extra soap off okay take your .

towel dry it off and do another little rinse here just make sure we got everything okay now for the aftershave I’m gonna be using some Stetson and I’m gonna be following up that aftershave with some Stetson Cologne so we’re .

gonna have a bit of a matched fragrance here so we’re gonna be using some Stetson I’m gonna pour a few little drops of it and this is a very nice little aftershave mmm a little bit of burn but not much at all it’s very very feels .

very moisturizing it’s got castor oil in it and just it feels very nice it’s very gentle that’s a very nice ooh and that’s a nice shave that’s very smooth oh that’s world’s better okay we’ve got our aftershave on let’s put a lid on that we’ll .

just follow up with Cologne you know some Stetson Cologne there we go ready for the day you know I was not expecting that big of a difference between the cheap products and the expensive products I really wasn’t and that’s. 

how come I said earlier this was gonna take me a couple days turns out it didn’t because the cheaper products were really a tremendous letdown not that I feel like I’m really out of much money they were inexpensive so I feel like I guess I got what I paid for but I just assumed with products as ubiquitous as BIC and Barbasol I mean you get them everywhere they’re in your gas stations they’re in your grocery stores they’re in your convenience stores .

they’re in your dollar stores they’re everywhere you can miss the darn things they’re everywhere here in the US at least and I figured with that they would at least be decent I didn’t expect good I did not expect good okay I just .

expected like decent like just something that will shave and cut the hairs cut the hairs down to my skin a fuck I barely even got that the it kind of worked it kind of worked but it kind of fell a little bit flat and the difference was really is really tremendous so so tremendous in fact that I was able to just go ahead and follow up my shave after I. 

did that just follow straight up with my regular products and get a better shave immediately because it was almost like I hadn’t even shaved today so to go ahead and show you guys I guess some of the some of the differences and go over these products individually and how they compare the barbers saw you guys saw me use this earlier this barber saw a lot of people are using that and it you know a lot of people will say it’s a really it’s a decent product I .

mean it works it works it’ll it’s good for if you’re gonna travel and you need to go out and you need something to shave it’s like Barbasol work but if you’re using a good shave so in this case I’ve got Vander Hagen this is there .

deluxe shave soap and I’ve got it melted into a mug and I whip it up with a boar hair brush and it makes a nice thick luxurious lather that I can put on it’s very slick and not only that because you lather it on your face it cleans .

your face and cleans your pores out and it cleans up your complexion it’s like I don’t have any problem with pimples or with redness around my face and that’s just because my face is so clean and my complexity it keeps my. 

complexion really really clean and likewise when you when you upgrade your razors from these little cheap dicks like this you know these things are they’re very mildly just they really felt like they just weren’t doing much cutting. 

at all to something like this this it gets close it’ll get close to the skin and you can you can reuse it it doesn’t produce a bunch of waste and garbage in plastic that’s polluting the environment so you’ve got something that’s .

reusable and not only that you’ve got something that it’s just going to give you a better better result in the customizable result you can put in whatever blade on this you want you’re not locked into a certain blade and any .

double-edged blade will work so you can use Astra’s or dork o’s or feathers or orcs or Gillette seven o’clock I mean there’s hundreds of different types of blades to choose from you can get Russian blades and Turkish blades and us. 

blades there are so many different constitutes from there with different sharpness ah’s and different aggressiveness so it’s it’s just you have so much so many more options with this and then you can finish off with .

an after shave a decent after shave is going to not only sanitize your skin but also moisturize and condition your .

skin it’s going to leave a a little layer of oil or glycerin or whatever it is just to sort of soothe and protect the skin after you’ve just dragged a razor across your face so in this case the Stetson does a very good job with this the .