Tapered Vs Straight Curling Wand

Tapered Vs Straight Curling WandLooking for the Tapered Vs Straight Curling Wand? You’ve come to the right place

I was born to be a hair model literally though your hair looks so good it really does it’s called wake up shower and come to work oh my god I heard this is Beyonce’s new song is called today we are trying out some different curling

Tapered Vs Straight Curling Wand

wands all of them look mildly sexual but they might do different things we’re gonna start with this one which is how many inches did you say this is how big am i guessing I think that’s a one and three-quarter inch iron curling. 

iron rod a rod it is a curling rod for sure we’ll start out with the biggest one as you do this is all 1 and 3/4 curling iron and it’s gonna create the biggest curls flush waves that’s hot don’t forget you’re gonna keep pulsing I can see the heat pulsing out of it curling irons that are bigger like wider around yes you can use bigger sections of hair .

because it’ll get hotter faster harder faster because there’s more surface area that is true we’re gonna let go oh this is I think this might be a perfect one I’m gonna hold it fit nice I’m gonna I’m gonna cup it oh yeah don’t you do that until it cools so that it stays yeah that’s what you’re says to do who’s the beauty goon now Meghan you she’s .

got this beautiful bouncy curl and it’s like a bigger wave so this size of a curling iron is definitely right for you if you like the loose kind of wavy look it’s gonna fall out throughout the day and be really nice it’s got an attitude and. 

personality locked and ready to go and we’re gonna turn this one back on and we’re gonna wait for DITA but in the meantime while that’s heating up we’re going to try the one that I’m sure you at home are thinking this looks .

like I’m really most excited to see what this can do I think that’s what we all think what does it look like so more importantly what can it do as my mom says is not the size of the ship but the motion of you feel free to you know .

pause the video get your giggles out whatever you think it might look like not totally sure you’re thinking yeah what’s wrong yeah get your mind out of the gutter you sicko sicko look really frightened just a friend okay burn me. 

I’m really scared of zippers 200 that’s what really really I mean whoa it’s like super girly this whole piece of hair was in there no okay we’ll do a longer anybody gonna want to look like this I think what you’re supposed to .

actually I’m gonna yeah some are going in between the balls what’s happening so what would you wear this for I don’t know girl that you don’t like I’ll write to people’s parties who you hate like if you’re going on a date with a .

guy and you really don’t want him to ask you out again like curl your hair with this I have a date tonight good thing you’re engaged don’t be so mary’s you after you sees that girl okay so we’re gonna try doing it just between the balls okay because when it gets over both the balls and the base gets all funky and does okay it’s just like it .

better it’s yeah it’s better can you guys see it’s more wavy it’s like the mixing of curl and a crimp like how this one like curls perfectly this one is like kind of waved yeah that looks better when you do it between the balls do it .

between the ball that’s the tip the tip is to do it between the ball we’re gonna put the sex toy away now and that’s yours right yeah that doesn’t stay here actually Lily bought it I’m throwing you under the bus we shouldn’t share .

these things we’re gonna go in now with the one-inch curling iron and this one I tend to really like especially if I’m doing curls that I want to stay for the next day we’re gonna wrap it right here I know and this one is like a little .

more of like a corkscrew he kind of curls okay so this next one is an itty-bitty teeny-weeny little curly moschini oh this is a Finch I would say I’d say half that’s skinny I’m gonna say it’s half an inch and this is gonna get definitely .

like Shirley Temple like corkscrew why would anyone ever want ya ready I’m doing girl I actually think when Taylor Swift used to wear super curly and brushed it out I think that looked really good on her hmm okay here’s .

the last Missy here’s this next one uh it’s like a corkscrew on your head so like who needs help opening a wine bottle Oh hair can help well suddenly I love this curl this next one has been called the infinity wand I think that .

might actually be like one titled from Connor but it is bigger at the base and smaller at the tip like a teepee uh-huh or an ice cream cone or a mountain that’s very thin so it’s just gonna create a bigger curl at the base here Lee was .

I’m cooking so actually I came from so it’s gonna create a bigger curl at the base cuz I throw it’s bigger and then it’s smaller at the tip so it’s kind of like a hybrid between the bigger one like the one in one-inch and like half an .

inch hyper-girl hybrid curl that’s fancy that’s technology and archaeology Wow I think that’s pretty much it these are the curling wands those are the devices I wore a glove I’m gonna take it off cuz we’re you like my different one.probably is the one two three quarters I think it looks really nice it’s like a super pretty wave I like the one-inch .

one because it’s a good one if you want your curls to stay all day and into the next day oh this one right here hey um and I’m pleasantly surprised by the the bulbous one okay guys that is it those are our five different curling .

wands and what they do I think my personal favorite is the one and through force and the one-inch I think really good what’s your a trip well obviously I don’t know because I cannot see there is no mirror oh wow whoa well um .

this one for sure one in 3/4 I think it’s very you yeah I like I like the looser sort of curl huh the gently waved curl just way personally yeah get it on and get it on what do you think of the bulb this one oh that’s the bulbous one .

yeah hey it’s kind of cool yeah it’s like weights but you have to put it between the balls right yeah but do the walls okay well we’re gonna go curl the rest of datas head so thank you guys are watching good bye but do you see .

yourself guys you look great I feel like I’m hashtag modeling hashtag modeling I’m no longer curious I am been cured are you jealous a sticky Jam if you want to see how to curl your hair in a less effective but somewhat funny .

way you’re going to click to the left what does that even mean I’m clicking love like it and to the right if you guys are obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s lips like we all are oh yeah you want to get plumper lips yeah click this we’re going to some DIY ways to plump your lips without needles.