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GroomReviews where we’re getting you Comfortable, Confident and Clean in grooming. If it’s your first time here consider SUBSCRIBING and make sure to hit that notification bell to stay on top of all of our latest videos. So, today we’re taking a look at the Remington F5-5800 and let me tell you something. I looked at this product a few

What Is A Foil Shaver

days ago when I bought it, the price was over $40. I go on today, the price has dropped to $19.16 so if this turns out to be a product that I actually approve of, I’ll tell you what you should jump on there before they jack the price again. As always, I will include a link in the description below to that product. So, let’s jump in and take a look at .

what this thing has for features. Alright guys, so here is the Remington F5-5800. I gotta say, right out of the box it’s got, you know, some pretty good weight to it. It’s got the foil shavers on here, and you guys know I’m fond of the foil shavers of the Philips Norelco. Right here in the center there are some cutters that are for cutting longer .

hair first and then what you’re supposed to be able to do is go back in with the foil and get the excess that’s on there and you know the shorter stuff and it’ll get it down nice and smooth. There’s an attachment on the back This is supposed to be for sideburns or getting into you know. You probably get into the sign here, things like that. .

Based on what they claim, it should be able to cut this hair and I know some people are probably like, whoa, that’s a long beard. You gotta use another trimmer for that. But, no, we’re gonna test this out. If someone wants to use it, maybe they can. It’s got this swivel head that’s on here, kind of pivots. It’s always supposed to kind of angle in .

with the direction that you’re going. I’ve heard some complaints with it, people don’t like it. They need to then go in and hold it like this because they find that it’s moving too much and it’s not actually able to get some of the hair. But I’m going to see what it does for me. If it has a problem, I’ll let you know. It’s got this charging indicator light .

that’s on here it goes from 0 to 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 and when you hit this power button it turns green to show you how much of a charge you have. Now, some people have claimed that it won’t work while it’s plugged in. I don’t .

know if they had a different model but for this I’ve already tested it out. I had plugged in, unplugged, works both ways. Does recommend you have two hours of charged time for 60 minutes of use and they also say they want you. 

to charge it for 24 hours right on the box for the most efficiency out of the battery. What comes with it is this little cover. Just snap it on there. Keeps those foils from getting you know damaged. These foils on here they only expect them to be good for six months. Right there, off the bat, that’s kind of a ding on this product Also included .

is this cleaning brush you know so it’s good to get in there. That’s always good to have, and the charger. So to take this this off to actually clean it, you just grab right here on these kind of grips. You pull up. This comes right off and then you just use the brush and clean in there, clean it out. You’re also able to rinse in here, so you can run it .

under water. I actually just went to put this on after I charged this for a long time. It’s showing red right now. For some reason, but it’s working. I’m gonna see how long I can use this and to show you that I can plug it in, I’m gonna plug it in right here. When I plug it in you can see that light shows. It’s still going. Let’s jump in and see .

what the Remington F5-5800 can do. Let’s stop and see for a second. So, it was this long hair. You can see what I had there and now it’s, you know, that’s just that, kind of that middle section first getting in there. But even .

touching it right here, that feels pretty smooth. I’m kind of surprised. Alright, so let’s keep going with this. Alright, so I’m gonna flip this precision trimmer, the back up and I’m gonna test this out and see if I can trim around here. 

and get the sideburns. Clean this up. Just feeling in here, though, it’s really smooth. I mean it’s really smooth. So it’s actually doing a good job. Let’s keep going and see what we can do. Alright guys, so there you go. It feels pretty. 

smooth. Very smooth, actually. I mean, I’m really impressed with how this Remington F5-5800 performed compared to that other Remington I was using the other day, which I believe was the PG6025. You saw where my. 

hair length was before and, you know, it trimmed it down and now it’s, you know, this feels really smooth. With the goatee, it’s a little bit difficult to get in there with this precision trimmer. You can get in there, but you know you can you can really only go one way with this. You go this way, you know, say you’re trying to go back and forth and it just kind of shuts on itself or it just kind of flattens out like that. If I didn’t have this goatee, this would .

probably be really smooth getting through this whole thing right now. The only problem I had was I needed to cut into these lines and this trimmer on the back, you know, it’s good for, you know, doing those little touch-ups on sideburns or getting, you know, some stuff but it may not be you know the best thing that’s on there. One of the .

issues is probably how bulky this actually is because I’m finding you know, when you put it up there it’s pretty big and you know, when you put this on and you try to see, sometimes this actually is blocking you from actually seeing what you’re cutting on there because it’s just, it’s in the way. The swivel on it, yeah, I can feel the swivel. I .

didn’t find it as big of a deal that people talk about where they’re saying it’s swiveling out of control and it can’t cut things. My experience with most foil shavers is that you have to go over the area several times. You almost have to find the angle of the hair. You almost want to hold your your cheek or your neck tight so you can then get in there. I never expect these to work on one pass. I think a lot of people have expectations that you just put it on. Whoop! Go right through and you’re done. I haven’t had a foil shaver yet that works that way. Maybe the ones that cost .

$250 that’s like a Panasonic. As far as a Remington F5-5800 goes, you’re gonna have to go over in several times. Don’t get upset if you have to do that, that’s that’s going to be part of the process with this. That’s part of you know figuring out how to get all that hair down to a smoothness level that you like. The other thing is the noise, yeah, .

it’s a bit noisy, but, you know, out of the trimmers I’ve used, it’s probably average. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s crazy but I mean you’re gonna hear it. The only issue I really have is this battery. I’m not really sure why it’s indicating zero right now because I never once plugged it in and it’s been working the whole time and pretty much full speed. 

it sounds like to me. As far as using it for dry or wet shave, this is made for a dry shave. So, those of you who like a wet shave, you probably would want to steer away from this and find one of these foil shavers that you could use for a wet shave, as well. So overall, this is a great product. I don’t see many things wrong with it at the price point of $19.16. I mean comparing that to the other products that are out there, especially foil shavers, I mean this is a .

deal right now to go after. It gives you a chance to go in there, not spend too much and say, “Hey! Do I like this type of foil shaver?” A lot of people have never used these before and this is your chance to do it. Once the price goes up to $40 plus, where it was that before, that’s where I recommend going back to probably the other .

products that I’ve reviewed. It’s great if you’re trying to shave your face everyday and you just want something every few days, you just go in there and get it really smooth. I mean, this is something good. It’s probably good on the go too. There’s smaller travel shavers, but you could almost probably use this the same way. You know, you .

put that cover on it to keep the foil safe and then say you’re in the car and you just want to clean up quick. You’ll start looking at products like a Braun or Panasonic’s and they can have them up to like, you know $250, $150, you know, for a foil shaver. I mean, we’re talking $19.16 for the Remington F5-5800. You can’t really go wrong to even. 

just test it out. Very good product. Recommend it at its price point. If you go on Amazon, it’s an Amazon Best Seller. It’s a 4.0 out of 5 star rating and you’ll see a ton of reviews on there. There’s probably over 3000 reviews .

and you’ll see a lot of the issues that were discussed here but at the price point and what you’re getting and the quality that you’re getting for smoothness I think it’s still a deal. Alright, Guys, I hope you found that helpful and enjoyed the video. Leave your comments below on any questions you might have about the product, any new products you’re interested in me reviewing, if you like.