What Size Curling Iron Should You Buy For Beachy Waves

What Size Curling Iron Should You Buy For Beachy WavesLooking for the What Size Curling Iron Should You Buy For Beachy Waves? You’ve come to the right place

So, I actually did this video a long time ago like back in the green sheet days and I wanted to resurrect it. Wait, Anna, can you look up how long ago that video was? Oh! I remembered it totally wrong. I thought it was one

What Size Curling Iron Should You Buy For Beachy Waves

curling iron three different looks it’s one curling method three different looks. Oh yup, green sheet days. – Hey girls, Kayley here. I’ve been getting a lot of requests – My voice! Okay, so that video was about eight years ago. Oh .

my gosh! It wasn’t the one I thought it was but it did give me the idea for today because I really wanted to kind of break up my own rut with my hair, I tend to curl my hair in a very similar way every time and I figure that if I do .

that, you guys probably experience that as well. So I wanted to show you three different ways that you can utilize the same tool. These are not methods that I’ve talked about anytime recently so it’s lots of fun, new stuff, and I’m really excited to get into it. If you do like how my hair is typically curled in my videos I would recommend my .

Instagram waves video and my secret sauce waves video because those are what I use pretty much all the time. But today we’re gonna get some new stuff and I’m real excited about it, so let’s get into it. Our first option are .

these soft waves which are, admittedly pretty close to stuff that I wear all the time but this is a new method that you’ve never seen before. So, for this video I’m gonna be using my Kristin Ess one inch curling iron. I very much .

love this one. I use it in most of my videos. But basically any one inch curling iron will do. And now cut to not yet curled hair Kayley. To begin, let’s use some heat protectant. I’m gonna use the Ouai Memory Mist ’cause this is .

pretty much my favorite one. It helps to add hold and memory to your hair – and protection, little bit of shine, all that good stuff. I’m gonna start by sectioning the hair in half and clip the top half out of the way. And now to make. 

this really subtle, barely there wave, what you’re gonna do is wrap your hair around the curling iron only once or twice, let that heat up, take the curling iron out, and then do the same thing slightly lower down the hair making .

sure to leave the ends out. This is gonna give you that look of having done the whole like loop and pull thing that I showed you guys in my Instagram video but it allows you to do it even if you’re using a curling wand which can be a really good option. Or, if you just wanna be a little faster, maybe the whole twisting the wand situation has .]

eluded you so far, this is an option you can use. (Laughs) This is the goal for sectional one, just a very loose bend. Now we take down section two and we’re gonna keep doing the same thing. So if your hair is naturally straight to .

moderately wavy then you can just go ahead and do this on your natural hair as is. And then if your hair is naturally very wavy to curly you could always use this after rough drying your hair straight or maybe after you’ve straightened your hair and it’s been a couple days, so the straight is not looking as sleek and shiny anymore, you .

just add a little bend in there and work with your texture and just make it look, you know, effortless and cool and make that third, fourth, whateverth day hair work for you. Once you’ve curled the second layer you might go back. 

and see some places where you want to touch up or maybe you want things to be a little closer to the part and in that case all you have to do is go back in and pick up some little pieces around the part and fix any little areas that. 

might not look exactly the way you want them to. And there are our curls/waves. Now, mine has a little bit of, kind of, poof and texture to it, so I’m gonna use the Kristin Ess Depth Defying Pomade just raking it through the hair .

and scrunching to get that definition. If you felt like you wanted to get a little bit more of an airy texture I would recommend using a texturizing spray. There is your soft wave option. I wanted to include it because it’s a way to get, kind of a one and a quarter inch look from your one inch curling iron. It’s also ’cause it’s a really breezey, easy. 

hairstyle to wear and just throw into your routine, however you need. And today, let’s talk about beach waves. (Upbeat music) Now if your hair has any natural kind of texture, if it’s bleached, if it’s naturally porous in any way,. 

you probably don’t have to work too hard for the extra texturizing, but if your hair is a little bit smoother and silkier naturally and you really want that texturized beachy look, I recommend going in before you dry your hair .

with a beach amplifying mousse. This one actually is just a mousse that adds holds and that will help your hair to maintain that beachy look throughout the day so it doesn’t go straight to straight. So you can use that if you just want hold but if you want texture texture you could use something like a sea salt product or a surf enhancing .

product that are meant to go on wet hair, blow dry or let your hair dry as normal and then you can use your curls and the texture is still gonna be there even after you’ve utilized your heat tools. So, basically, you’re getting texture into your hair before you ever curl it and then if you need more you can go in with the texturizing spray. I wish I .

could flip these and put ’em back in a holster but I think I would just drop them. Nope (laughs). So that being said, today I’m starting with my heat protectant. You could keep using the Ouai Memory Mist but I’m gonna go with the. 

Kristin Ess Dry Conditioner. This one actually adds a little, tiny bit of texture into the hair, so it’s gonna help today’s situation out. And now we section. You just want to leave down the hair at the nape of the neck so you can. 

work in nice, small, tight sections. The basic idea is that you’re going to take a small section and just wrap it around your iron, whether it has a clip or not, just wrap and go. And as you do that you want to leave a little bit of. 

the ends out and you can even rock your iron back and forth to, kind of, break up the curl and make it a little bit more tousled. Then for your next piece of hair you’re gonna curl in the opposite direction. For this whole time .

we’re going to be alternating the curl direction back and forth in order to get the most natural tousled look possible. I’ve got one more piece on this side so I’m just gonna finish it off. (Upbeat music) So, here is this side. .

Now, for each piece that I put on the curler it was about as thick as a pencil and a half. So, that’s kind of the look that you get here. It’s a little bit of a softer, more tousled look. On this side I’m gonna take smaller sections so I can give you a piecey-er look and you can see what that does. Now, pro-tip if you want to be able to be lazy you can. 

do the bigger pieces on the bottom of the hair and then once you get from kind of the ears or the temples up you can switch to doing the piecey pieces because that’s gonna show up more anyway. Just a tip. I think the most .

important thing when you’re trying to do the piecey curls or the little curls is that you go in smaller sections ’cause if you let down a big section of hair and then you try to take small pieces you’re gonna get lost. It gets very .

confusing because you’ll pick up a section on top and curl it and then there’s like, a section underneath it, and then there’s like half of one underneath that. It’s too much. Just go in narrower sections if you’re trying to do the .

piecey-er curls. (Upbeat music) Now everything is curled. It does still feel a little bit 2006-7 for me (laughs) because it’s still very piecey, so I’m just gonna use my fingers to kind of tousle it a bit and break up the curls and .

make ’em look a little bit more natural. And that’s the difference. Right? Right? RIP to the bottles of gel I used trying to scrunch my hair. Nobody told me that your hair has to have a natural wave or curl to scrunch into a wave or a curl! So all I had was stick straight gelled hair! Why did no one tell me? Now, I already really, really like this. This is so much body I just forgot how much volume you get with this method. Hello! Now, this is cute. I wanna .

2019-ify it a little bit. So, the first thing I’m gonna use is the Down & Out Dirty Spray by IGK. This adds just a little bit of texture and separation. And, for me, this is the kind of sea salt look I like. You have the piecey-ness, the separation, the texture without the dryness that, I at least on my more porous hair, get from beach texture sprays.. 

Now, to be fair, the dryness is a “lewk” so if you’re going for that, obviously you can go there, but for me, I like a little bit of the more, kind of, lived-in, separated look, and that’s how I get it. And I’m gonna finish this off with a very light hold hairspray, this is the Tresemme Micro Mist and this is in texture hold level one. And as I spray it in. 

I’m also going to scrunch to help augment and define the curls a little more. And that’s how you can use your one inch iron to get a beachier wave. (Upbeat music). Today we’re gonna do a full blowout with a curling iron. I have .

debated in my head at length whether I should start with the top or the bottom but let’s go ahead and start with

the bottom of the hair and work our way up because I just find that the easiest. Let’s spray on some Ouai Memory Mist. And also on my hair today when it was wet I used the Ouai Soft Mousse because I wanted hold but I also just wanted a lot of softness, and didn’t need a lot of texture or anything and that mousse is really great for that. So the curl method today! Were going to curl the hair, wait for it – toward the face. Who is she? (Laughs) I think the

important thing for today’s video is not just showing you a lot of different ways you can use the same curling iron but getting myself out of my rut because you guys know how I normally curl my hair. Right? Right. For this I’m gonna hold my iron at a 45 degree angle curling it toward my face until we get to the bottom of the hair. I’m going

to go in larger sections because I want this to be a looser curl, I kind of want to fake a one and a quarter inch look on my hair. And I’m also gonna go a little bit more quickly over the ends because I know my ends and they will be like way more curled than everything else if I don’t. There’s that section. Now let’s let down another. (Upbeat .

music) All right, let’s keep going! Now, if you’re working with a wand instead of a curling iron with a clip you can just hold the iron the same way and wrap the hair around the curling iron, making sure to keep it flat all the way around the curling wand. Also, if your hair holds a curl really well you might want to go ahead and rake your .

hands through it right after it comes off the iron. Mine holds about a medium amount so I’m gonna let it cool like this. (Upbeat music) All right and last section. So, in all, I’m doing maybe ten curls on my entire head, each section is about two to three drinking straws thick. My hair’s pretty fine so I can move through that very quickly with this method. (Upbeat music) Now you can use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to rake through your hair. .

And now the other side. All right, the end of this curl looks a little lackluster so I’m also gonna recurl that. Given that everything else has been Ouai products let’s go ahead and seal it with the Ouai Soft Hairspray. And that is the. 

curl method! I might start curling my hair towards my face now. I love this because one, it’s super easy, two, it’s very bombshell, three, it’s really feminine, and four, I don’t have to use a round brush and a hair dryer – and .

honestly that’s pretty much the biggest reason (laughs). Okay, and those are three different ways that you can use the same curling iron. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and the little cameo from my birthday manicure! I turned thirty last weekend and I decided to give myself a rhinestone manicure so that I could fully celebrate it. .

Can you believe I’m thirty? ‘Cause I can’t. Anyway, it was a really great weekend. I’m really excited for this next decade and to keep making videos for you guys. I hope you enjoyed this one. If there’s anything else you want to .

see comment below and let me know your favorite new method from today’s video because I’m very curious. Anyway, that’s it for today. If you’re new here you can click that subscribe button to join the Braidaholic Family here on Kayley Melissa and all y’all can hit that bell icon to be notified every time I post a new video. And whether you are old or new or a casual lurker, thank you for spending time with me.